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How do I prevent Android taking a screenshot when my app goes to the background? The app I’m currently building has the requirement that the app has to prevent the OS to take a screenshot of the app when it’s being pushed into the background for security reasons. This way it won’t be able to see the last active screen when switching between apps. So is there anybody out there, that has a clue how to fix this? This definitely secures against manual screenshots and automatic screenshots from the ICS recent-tasks history.

UPDATE: it also secures against Now On Tap or other assistants on Android 6. UI if the user brings up the assistant. 2: however, not everything in the activity will be protected. Dany’s: Actually, it has everything to do with the question. You still see the application name and icon, but the screenshot is black. You are welcome to try it on ICS hardware.

Can You Make Money Android App Development

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Can You Make Money Android App Development

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Can You Make Money Android App Development

I’m wondering why apps like snapchat don’t use this to prevent someone taking a screenshot of the images sent. You are better served asking a separate Stack Overflow question, with the appropriate Xamarin tag, asking how to use it. 1182217: It worked fine for me this morning, in a test on a Google Pixel running Android 9. Feel free to provide a link to a sample project which can reproduce your problems on Android 9. Looks like a Samsung specific bug.

You’re totally right, we came across this issue, and it certainly was needed to check for the API level. Actually forgot to post this, so thanks for bringing it up again. Froyo its ok – so it occurs only on 2. We noticed this problem as well. You can verify in the Emulator on Gingerbread devices. I can also confirm that this problem appears on Samsung Gingerbread devices.

Even on newer Android versions FLAG_SECURE can be problematic: on Android 4. 3 FLAG_SECURE causes animation problems in screen rotation animation, see code. 58632 – this has been fixed on Android 4. Otherwise a snapshot in the recent list will show the first activity without the flag if the user navigated through it. FLAG_SECURE based on a user preference. It worked fine till KITKAT and black screen can be seen in task switcher.

Anyone found a way to inflate a custom view before snapshot is taken so it’s not just a black screen? 1064249 Have you found any solution? Here is a solution for hiding content of an app by covering it with a splash screen when the app is put into the background. Not the answer you’re looking for? How to change the snapshot shown by recent apps list? How can I prevent SQL injection in PHP?

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Can You Make Money Android App Development