How Does Pinterest Make Money

Heard about Pinterest, but at a loss for how to get started? Follow this easy guide to joining and using the social pin-board site. Recently Pinterest announced that you no longer have to have an invite to join the site. That means no more waiting for that how Does Pinterest Make Money invite—head to Pinterest. When you do sign up, you’ll have the option to link either your Facebook or Twitter account with your Pinterest account.

It’ll make it easier for you to find your friends, family members, and favorite blogs and brands to follow on Pinterest. If you prefer to start with just your e-mail address, you can always connect your social accounts later. When you create your account, think about the other social accounts you have. Try to stick with a consistent username if you already have a Twitter or Instagram account. That will make it easier for anyone who follows you to find you via searching on Pinterest. It also helps to use the same profile photo—that way people know it’s you.

Once your account is active the first thing you should do is take a look at your e-mail settings. Luckily, Pinterest’s options are straightforward and easy to understand. When you first start pinning, keep all the e-mail notifications on. It’s a great way to find new people to follow by seeing who likes, comments, or repins ideas from your boards. You can turn them off later if they are clogging your inbox. The easiest way to add content from any site is to add the “Pin It” button to your web browser. Visit the “Goodies” page on Pinterest to learn how to install it.

You can also add pins via the Pin It button on your favorite sites. It will usually be close to the Facebook and Twitter share buttons. To add a pin to one of your boards, click on either the “Pin It” button in your bookmark bar or on the website you’re reading. You’ll do two things in this window—choose which board to add the pin to and write a description of the image you’re pinning. Select the board using the drop down menu in the window. Give your board a descriptive name so your followers know what types of pins they’ll find on it. The category options are set by Pinterest, so select whichever is closest or choose “other” for those wildcard boards. If someone you’re following has added a pin that you like, you can save it to one of your boards as well. Simply hover over the image on Pinterest and three buttons will appear—repin, like, and comment.

To add that pin to your account click repin and follow the same steps you would to add a pin. Let’s say you like someone’s pin, but not enough to add it to one of your own boards. That’s where the like button comes in handy. The original pinner will be able to see that you’ve liked it, but it won’t be added to the feed of pins that your followers see. If you do want to see the pins you’ve liked, you can do so via the link on your profile page.

You can also add comments to your pins or your friends’ pins by clicking on the comment button. Just remember to keep opinions civil and criticisms constructive. If there is a photo you’ve taken that you want to upload to Pinterest, you can do that by using their upload feature. From the screen that pops up you’ll be able to add a pin by pasting in the URL of a website or by uploading a photo from your hard drive. Real Simple may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on this website. All products and services featured are selected by our editors. Real Simple may receive compensation for some links to products and services in this email on this website.

How Does Pinterest Make Money

How Does Pinterest Make Money Expert Advice

When you first start pinning, you can use Pinterest to book new clients. Then promote the products on your boards — by signing up, look for ways to increase your income. While facebook and twitter is about people and news, commerce via its Buy button program, 000 a day but every dollar counts. Share your Pinterest account’s statistics with the companies you approach, check out How to Post Affiliate Links on Pinterest Without Being Spammy.

How Does Pinterest Make Money

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Offers may be subject to change without notice. Real Simple is part of the Meredith Home Group. It will only take a minute and will give you access to all our registered user content and our Econsultancy Pulse newsletter. The third and final part of our series on Pinterest brings us to  the making-money part of the story. And by Pinterest’s own admission, they’re still figuring out their business model.

Twitter looks like a viable social media titan, but does anyone think they’ve cracked the code on their revenue model? We’ve talked about what Pinterest is and why anyone should care, and the amazing copyright judo that’s taking place to make the site possible. By Pinterest’s own admission they aren’t quite there yet on their business model. But Are Business Models All That? Take a look at Lindt Chocolate’s Pin4Autism campaign.

How Does Pinterest Make Money More information…

How Does Pinterest Make Money

How Does Pinterest Make Money More Information…

How Does Pinterest Make Money

It’s solid cause marketing in the service of building brand and list power on Pinterest. Does this mean Pinterest has a business model? But it’s substantiation that real marketing elements are in play. And let’s face it, building a 21 million member network in two years is a pretty good qualifier of demand.

Pinterest is currently a 22-person company with a prized demographic, amazing time-on-site measures, a high growth curve, hype among investors, and a better photo interface than Facebook. So, could you build a good business based on Pinterest’s set of givens. Sure, there are copyright issues which have been finessed. Just as Google Adwords did on Adsense. And yes, there is irrational hype. But as many of you pointed in earlier comments, there’s a lot of reality to Pinterest.

How Does Pinterest Make Money More information…

Perhaps there’s s a difference between not having a business model, and waiting to build the right one. Isn’t that what early stage funding is for? There’s a discussion over at Quora on all the ways Pinterest could grow revenue. Charging advertisers through branded campaigns, outbound links and traditional ads. I’m pitching ideas for them already. This is a great model, expect new competitors.

The next revolution will be image-based. Just as mobile has driven home the understanding that interactive experiences are way beyond hyperlinks, so is Pinterest a wake-up call that content really is no longer just text on a screen. I really don’t know if Pinterest will be the next great social network or not. But I sure believe the next big winner will help people wield rich media and graphics. That makes the future more like Pinterest than perhaps anything else. Our Pinterest for Business: A Best Practice Guide is aimed at companies and individuals who are thinking of joining Pinterest and want to find out more about the social platform, as well as people who are currently using Pinterest and want a deeper understanding of best practice. Nielsen’s US Digital Consumer Report for Q3-Q4 2011 examines how the digital landscape is evolving by tracking various categories such as smartphone usage, connected TV and social networking.

But it’s also attracting the attention of startups looking to capitalize on the opportunities created by a world in which the consumption of television content increasingly involves two screens. BSkyB in a multi-million pound deal. As of this month it was seeing up to 15,000 sign ups an hour thanks to a TV ad campaign. To demonstrate this, they presented the last season of Top Chef as a case study to show what they did to breach the gap and capture our attention on our second screens. The freemium game’s primary income comes from selling virtual goods including Nike branded football boots and cans of Red Bull, but it sees the physical goods as a useful marketing tool as well as a secondary revenue stream.

Online transactions are notoriously impulse driven. As consumer touchpoints become increasingly digital, brands need their digital marketing and ecommerce functions to build connections with potential customers almost instantly. Wells Point, 79 Wells Street, London W1T 3QN. Pinterest isn’t all doilies and home decor — it’s also cold hard cash. Do you have any tips for success on Pinterest?

Share them with me on Twitter. Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you’ll never miss a post. 781 64 288 64 288 64S117. Please forward this error screen to srv3305. Pinterest started out looking like a pinboard photo-sharing site. Before looking at more traditional means of generating revenue, it’s worth looking at how Pinterest has utilized its unique pin system to create opportunities for monetization. These special pins are effectively advertisements, paid for by identified sponsors.