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Please forward this error screen to 208. Please forward this error screen to 68. What are the early warning signs that a Turbo is on its way out? Driving home from work yesterday and noticed a strange sound coming from the engine whilst accelerating – how Mechanical Enginner Makes A Lot Of Money it hit approx 3000 rpm in 2nd or 3rd, a very peculier sound started emanating from, i think, the engine. Anyway, the car i have is a 98 Audi A4 1.

8T with 100k on the clock. Also, the car seems to drive fine, no funny jerkyness, no funny smells – just an odd noise. EDIT: I should perhaps also add that it seems to only start making the noise once the engine warms up. I drove it this morning and it started it perfectly normal – drove for about 4miles, then the noise kicked in again. My old RS had this and turned out to be the Turbo. A friend of mine had trouble with his TT early X reg one that he has modded alot. He uses an Audi tt forum, ill try and get the web addy for you. But don’t simply go for an Audi specialist either look for a turbo specialist if you’ve decided that it IS the turbo, it’ll save you even more dosh.

If toilet seats are cleaner than the kitchen work surface, why not make tea on the lavvy? Are you getting any smoke from the exhaust? A smokey exhaust is usually a sign of knackered seals. Turbo cars suffer from pinking which is detonation and casued by fuel starvation. Only time I had a turbo fail was totally out of the blue.

Worked fine,parked up for a few hours and when I drove off I had no turbo. Thanks for the good advice guys. I have a friend who is a mechanic so i might just try and get him to diagnose the problem first and then take it from there! The exhaust doesn’t seem smokey and i don’t believe any pinking is occurring. TBF, i’m not really accelerating hard at all because i’m nervous of any further damage that might happen.

Thanks for the advice, it’s much appreciated! Just before my turbo went i would get a slight whistling noise from the engine when accelerating,just ignored it until one day it just packed up. Only success you’ll ever be associated with. Unfortunately, my cars warranty has long run out! You’ll find a lot of turbos whistle audibly as they spin up,and this shouldnt be seen as a sign of it’s immenent demise. I have a Golf TDI, and the turbo blew on that about 6 months ago. Anyway, it got replaced and the new turbo has always whistled – and its done 10,000 miles since then so I assume it is supposed to make that noise! Just out of interest andy, how much did it set you back?

When you first start the engine is cold so the air is cool. It was all repaired under warranty so I do not know Im afraid. I dont want to put the frightners on you, but the lady at the VW garage said it totalled quite alot. It may well be worth getting it checked, but like I said, my new turbo has whistle since I got the car back!

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51″D8000, G10 42″, Marantz NR1504, BA Soundware 5. Thanks guys for all the responses. Well i took it into the garage and the guys first instinct was that it wasn’t the turbo. Anyway, i’ve got it booked in for next week and i’ll just keep my fingers crossed until then! Having read through the thread po-man, doesnt sound like turbo failure to me. Sure youre pushing youre luck at 100k but the 1.

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Smoke wise, white smoke is normally the tell tale of turbo failure as opposed to black smoke. Whistling is no issue at all. Depending on what intake tract is used on the car, the whistle can be audible or silent. Its simply the turbine being spun up to 10s of thousands of RPM the sound of which is deadened if the car has an air filter in an airbox. If its grinding, that would suggest bearing failure.

360 degree bearing so if anything inside the race starts to wear, the main shaft in the turbo can start to “wander” as it spins up and the blades can start to catch on the case. It wont last long after that, but it doesnt sound like that to me. Modern ECU controlled turbocharged cars dont tend to pre ignite or detonate. That is more likely with poor octane fuel and older generation or tuned cars with high levels of boost. 1t detector when the VAG dealer tells you something which sounds complete tosh! You will feel that there is something wrong with your car, specificaly in a turbo, if there’s irregular noises or clamorings.

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