How Much Money Do Flight Attendants Make

A flight’s take-off can mean different things to different people. For some, it could be the beginning of an international trip. For others, it may signal an emotional trip home. For flight attendants, it marks the beginning of their paid hours because their salary completely depends on the number of hours an aircraft is in flight. This means how much a flight attendant makes does not incorporate boarding, taxiing, flight delays, flight cancellations, or anything how Much Money Do Flight Attendants Make that prevents a flight from taking off.

So how much does the average flight attendant make? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, flight attendants work between 75 to 100 hours a month in the air and another 50 hours a month preparing for flights. In addition to their pay, flight attendants are often compensated for meals and accommodations while they are away from home — something that happens frequently, especially if they live in a different city than where they are based. Shawn Kathleen, a former flight attendant MONEY spoke with, lived in Ohio while her base was in New York. She flew from Ohio to New York just to prepare for the start of her shift — that is, once the flight took off.

Shawn Kathleen asked MONEY not to include her last name due to online threats she received for running the Passenger Shaming Instagram account. And while being a flight attendant may come with the perk of free air travel, that benefit can only be done through stand-by, which means flight attendants can’t expect to score the flight they want all the time. Here’s more on what we know about how much flight attendants’ salaries and what it’s like to work from 30,000 feet above the ground. 48,500, according to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. The range in flight attendants’ salaries depends on their level of experience.

A flight attendant’s airport base plays a part in determining how much he or she makes. Airlines based in San Francisco and Houston pay 10 percent and 9 percent, respectively, above the national average, while those based in Atlanta and Miami both earn 15 percent less than the national average. The average flight attendant salary varies widely from major aircraft carriers to smaller, regional ones, as well. Per diem flight attendant pay On top of their wages, flight attendants can receive a per diem — or, pay per hour — to help compensate for expenses on the job. 95 per diem for every hour they are on duty. 20 per diem for every hour on domestic flights and those to Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Money may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice.

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How Much Money Do Flight Attendants Make

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Airline financing is quite complex, i would think in this day and age, scoring a free ticket and keeping the cost of a vacation low. Travel is in no way about the journey, the flight attendants can really make or break your flight and they’ll be sure to appreciate this simple acknowledgment of their hard work. Often regarded as one of the most influential aircraft in the history of commercial aviation; these are very intelligent sensitive animals and much be cherished and protected.

How Much Money Do Flight Attendants Make

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How Much Money Do Flight Attendants Make

How Much Money Do Flight Attendants Make

To help lift the veil a little, we asked flight attendants everywhere to share some things that might surprise people about their job, and more than 60 responded. We aren’t paid for boarding or deplaning. We are only paid for time away from the gate. We do much more than hand out cokes, but unfortunately that is what the public sees, especially if they only fly domestically. I know how to build a bomb stack, and if it came down to it, I could deliver your baby. We are trained to protect the flight deck at all costs. The training is inexplicable, like childbirth.

You can’t understand how hard it is until you experience it. You’ll know within the first year. It helps us deal with all of the different personalities we encounter everyday. Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. For flight attendants, who often spend more than 80 hours in the air a month, traveling can become almost second nature. So who better to turn to for travel tips and tricks than the people with extensive knowledge on the matter?

We asked flight attendants to share their best travel hacks with us and scoured the internet for more. While most passengers tend to choose seats that are at the front of the aircraft so that they can disembark first and have a better chance of securing their preferred meal option, flight attendants know that if you’re sitting towards the back, you’ll receive the most attentive service. The reason is simple: We like to avoid responding to call bells from the front of the plane because answering one means potentially flaunting whatever item the passenger has requested to everyone else along the way. This can cause a problem since planes often don’t have enough extra vodka, pillows, earplugs, and toothbrushes, or the time on shorter flights to deviate from the service schedule. For passengers sitting near the back of the plane, however, it’s much easier to slip in that second mini bottle of wine. Use your flat iron to touch up your clothes when you’re in a rush and there’s no time for the ironing board.

Use the clips on the pants hangers in the hotel room to clip your curtains together so there is no light coming through. Avoid flying if you have a severe cold. It can damage your eardrums, and you may lose your hearing. It happened to me once — I couldn’t hear properly for a week, and it hurt like hell.

These partitions, which go by the technical name ‘bulkheads,’ are the only places on an aircraft where a parent can safely secure a baby’s bassinet — and are, therefore, where most children under one year old will be situated. What helps me sleep is having a bedtime ritual. Stop using electronics one hour before bedtime, have a cup of tea, and read a bit. Usually that does the trick, but if I can’t sleep after an hour I just get up, do something else, and then try again. If so, bring a couple detergent packs and dryer sheets in a Ziploc bag, and it eliminates two to four days’ worth of clothes, depending on your stay.

Pay for Global Entry — it’s totally worth it. My favorite travel hack is definitely the clothes-roll technique. I am often gone from home for several days, even up to three weeks, and I save space by rolling my clothes instead of folding them. If you know you’re not going to be able to attend whatever complimentary meal they’re offering because you’re leaving before it starts or you know you’re not going to be up until after it’s over, check with the hotel to see if there’s some kind of snack or sack lunch they can provide before or ahead of time. Usually it’s just a piece of fruit, a bottle of water, and a thing of string cheese, but that’s saved my growling stomach on several occasions.

Some airlines do offer reduced-price upgrades the day of the flight — there’s sometimes even first-class flights available. So be in the boarding area good and early during boarding, because this is when you’ll hear the announcements for last-minute upgrade purchases you might be able to get. It’s not for every airline, but it does happen. I think it’s great we don’t have to travel in suits and high heels anymore. But you can also be classy and comfortable.