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Menu IconA how Much Money Do Lyft Drivers Make stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. Working as an Uber driver is one of the buzziest careers in America. With uberX, essentially anyone with a car can sign up to be a driver. And Uber makes it pretty easy to do. The first step is to head on over to this website.

If you’re at least 21 years old, have a license, personal auto insurance, and a four-door car in good condition, you can sign up to be a driver. The next step is passing Uber’s background check. You’ll need to provide the company with standard information like your address, driver’s license number, and social security number. If you pass the background test, Uber requires you to take an online training course that covers standard operating procedures, how to get five stars, and what not to do. Upon completing the course, Uber will send you a phone.

From start to finish, the registration process takes about two weeks. Driving for Uber can be an incredibly lucrative career, according to Uber. But it turns out Uber’s data is based on a sample of uberX drivers who drive over 40 hours per week, according to The Washington Post. That figure also excludes the cost of gas, insurance, parking, maintenance, repairs, and paying for tolls. 50 for 12 hours of driving. If you want to make a living off of Uber, you’re going to have to drive an insane number of hours. 75,000 a year driving for uberX in San Francisco, you’d have to work 3,000 hours per year, which is effectively a 58-hour work week, financial journalist Felix Salmon concluded. I would have to work 80-120 hours a week to make ends meet,” an uberX driver wrote on Quora. But at least Uber gives me the opportunity to work that much.

Most companies will only hire you for low pay at only 35-40 hours a week. 400 per week, net of gas, by working 16 hours a week on Friday and Saturday nights,” Salmon wrote on Medium. US independent contractors providing their own vehicles and driving skills to deliver the core service, according to an MIT CEEPR study examining the economics of the two app platforms. The report catalyses the debate about conditions for workers on gig economy platforms, and raises serious questions about the wider societal impacts of tax avoiding, VC-funded tech giants. Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, surveyed more than 1,100 Uber and Lyft ride-hailing drivers combined with detailed vehicle cost information — factoring in costs such as fuel, insurance, maintenance and repairs — to come up with a median profit per hour worked. The research also looked at how ride-hailing profits are taxed, and suggests that in the US a majority of driver profits are going untaxed owing to how mileage deduction is handled for tax purposes — suggesting Uber and Lyft’s business are denuding the public purse too. Because of this deduction, most ridehailing drivers are able to declare profits that are substantially lower. So what does the study tell us about the ride-hailing business model?

Mark Tluszcz, co-founder and CEO of Mangrove Capital Partners who has described the gig economy model as the modern day sweatshop, and says his VC firm made a conscious decision not to invest in gig economy companies because the model is exploitative. It tells you that it’s a great place if you’re a company. It’s really a poor place to be an employee or be a worker. The exploitative asymmetry of ride-hailing platforms comes because workers have a certain amount of fixed costs but the platform intermediary can just hike its commission at will and lower the service cost to the end user whenever it wants to increase competitiveness vs a rival business. Which is frankly what’s clearly illustrated by this study. These people have to spend so much time to cover their costs when you break it down to an hourly revenue, it’s a pitiful amount. And by the way you have no social coverage because you’ve got to take care of that yourself.

How Much Money Do Lyft Drivers Make

How Much Money Do Lyft Drivers Make Expert Advice

95 a month, sign up to become an Uber driver for a cash bonus! Minimal startup costs, the Uber rates have been cut in half. Surely now I would start earning the big bucks.

How Much Money Do Lyft Drivers Make

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How Much Money Do Lyft Drivers Make Now

How Much Money Do Lyft Drivers Make

How Much Money Do Lyft Drivers Make

At the time of writing neither Uber not Lyft had responded to a request for comment on the MIT study. We’ve reached out to the paper’s authors to share our concerns and suggest ways we might work together to refine their approach. Tluszcz was quick to dispatch that critique. There’s something wrong in the model and we can tolerate it for a period of time but ultimately we’re creating this lost generation of people. And it made all of sudden services cheaper. But they make a decent living because there’s a certain price-point to offer the service. And in every industry you have that.

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And clearly right now, in the ride-sharing businesses, you don’t have it. In January in the UK it also announced a safety cap on the number of consecutive hours drivers on its platform can accept trips, after coming under rising political and legal pressure on safety and working conditions. Last year Uber also lost its first appeal against an employment tribunal that judged a group of Uber drivers to be workers, not self-employed contractors as it had claimed — meaning they are entitled to workers rights such as holiday and sick pay. Uber also had its license to operate in London withdrawn last fall, with the local transport regulator citing concerns about safety and corporate responsibility as key considerations for not renewing the company’s private hire vehicle license. Tluszcz’s view is that such moves prefigure a more major shift incoming in Europe that could cement permanent roadblocks to business models that function via intentional worker exploitation.

The flaw in the model as a worker is so big that it seems to be quite clear that European governments are going to be looking at this and saying this is just not the European ethos. There’s going to be a moment when all these things are clashing. And I think it’s a cultural clash that we have really, between European values of equity and American values of just pure market capitalism. 37 an hour to take a part of that to contribute to retirement and social coverage. What the hell do you live on? And I just don’t think Europe will put up with this.

Last month the UK government confirmed its intent to act on this area by announcing a package of labor market reforms intended to respond to changes driven by the rise of gig economy platforms. It’s likely to publish more detail on the employment law reform later this year. I’m good for the society in which I operate’. That’s a dilemma we have as consumers, because on the one hand we like the fact that it’s cheap. But we wish that people could all have a decent living. Whether US companies will be forced into a less exploitative relationship with their US workers remains to be seen.

Tluszcz’s view is that it will need some kind of government intervention for these types of companies to rethink how their models operate and who they are impacting. Tech companies frankly have an equal amount of responsibility to be great corporate citizens. And right now it feels — particularly because many of these tech companies are born in the US — it almost feels like this Americanism about them says I don’t have to be a good corporate citizen. I’m a capitalist but I do think there’s some moral guidance you have to have about the business you’re building. Drivers are an integral part of Lyft’s success.

An ever-growing number of individuals around the country are using Lyft as a flexible way to earn income, and we will continue to engage with our driver community to help them succeed. We have not yet reviewed this study in detail, but an initial review shows some questionable assumptions. You don’t have permission to view this page. Please include your IP address in your email. Data shows how much Uber drivers really make.