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You need to login to do this. Whether it’s a planet-shattering overlord, a cross-dimensional breach, or a gang of thematically-dressed bank robbers — if there’s trouble, the heroes are there. The very first superhero of the very first Astro City story, Samaritan lives how Much Money Does A Stuntman Make to his name by endlessly devoting himself to helping others. A Friend in Need: In general. But in particular to people with superpowers but no desire to fight or commit crime.

Appropriated Appellation: He got his name after he first appeared on the scene and identified himself solely as “a good Samaritan. Barrier Warrior: Samaritan can manipulate an “Empyrean field”, which is strong enough to repulse a tidal wave. Blessed with Suck: He has a computer that alerts him to trouble, the ability to arrive at the scene in seconds, and the powers to deal with almost anything. This adds up to a miserable life of perpetually saving the day, with no time for himself. The Cape: He’s noble and humble and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Commonality Connection: He goes out of his way, twice, to offer help to characters who have superpowers and don’t want to fight crime. Deus Exit Machina: He is keenly aware that being unavailable for hours is this, and makes a lot of arrangements to try to cover. Dreams of Flying: Though he can fly, he occasionally has flight dreams. Due to Chronic Hero Syndrome, he’s so busy, he can’t find time to fly just for enjoyment. Expy: To Superman: his origin is different but he’s got a similar personality and role, and partial overlap of his power set. Fish out of Temporal Water: Samaritan is a time-traveler who averted the Challenger disaster, but rewrote his history so that he has no place in the future. Flying Brick: He’s got a variety of powers, but most notably super strength and durability as well as flight. God Couple: Gets into a long-term relationship with Winged Victory over the course of the series.

Go-Karting with Bowser: This is Samaritan’s relationship with Infidel, as the two realized the futility in continuing their feud when there was no way either of them would ever be able to win. Instead, they set up a yearly dinner just to compare notes and talk. Heroic Self-Deprecation: Starting with the name, acquired when he tried to slough off credit for saving the shuttle. Humble Hero: Samaritan attends tribute dinners and accepts awards only because he doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of the people who give them to him. I’m Not a Hero, I’m: Samaritan’s first public appearance came after he prevented the Challenger Space Shuttle from exploding. After landing the shuttle safely, he was mobbed by reporters, and he declared “I’m not a hero, I’m just a good samaritan. Intrepid Reporter: Samaritan’s civilian identity is a fact checker at Current, a weekly magazine. Locked into Strangeness: Samaritan’s hair turned blue after the Time Travel incident that gives him his powers.

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He can change it to white at will, but not to its original black. Married to the Job: Samaritan is so devoted to helping others that he barely has time to sleep or maintain a civilian identity. His idea of a good day is one where he manages to get nearly a minute of flight time. Mission Control: A handy AI which he brought from the future, the zyxometer constantly scans television, emergency and police radio wavelengths, and other electronic media in order to prioritize emergencies for him to attend to. Phantom Zone: Samaritan has access to such a dimension, using it as a storage closet to hold all the awards and plaques he receives. Ret Gone: Samaritan eliminated the Bad Future he came from, along with all of his loved ones and his original timeline. There’s now an automated taco stand where he was born.

Samaritan Syndrome: He spends as much time as he possibly can flying around the world saving people. Not because he’s being forced to, but because he can’t stand the idea of so much as taking a break when he has the power to help. Sdrawkcab Name: Variant: it’s an anagram. Secret Identity Identity: Samaritan uses “Asa Martin” as an alias for his civilian life, but that is not his “real” identity — that got erased when he altered history. He used to avoid making public appearances and accepting awards, because those are seconds that could be used rescuing people. But he started getting a bad reputation for ‘snubbing’ people, so now he makes the time. That men and women can be equals?

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Or that women must stand alone to be strong? A prominent female superhero who often draws attention and controversy for her advocacy of women’s rights. She is appointed — and empowered — by the Council of Nike, a spectral group of women who watch over and judge her actions. Clear My Name: The “Victory” story has Winged Victory being falsely accused of masterminding villainous activities to promote a pro-feminism agenda. The perpetrator is Karnazon, a He-Man Woman Hater who’s obsessed with making Victory “submit” to him. Conditional Powers: The Council of Nike can weaken her powers or even remove them entirely if her actions displease them.

Dark and Troubled Past: In her past life, Lauren Freed was often taunted and mocked by others, from insensitive classmates to selfish boyfriends, and was constantly running away as a result. Flying Brick: She’s as strong and tough as Samaritan and can fly at immense speeds. God Couple: Gets into a long-term relationship with Samaritan over the course of the series. I Just Want to Be Special: She IS special now, but was once a timid, scrawny young woman who had been treated like dirt pretty much her entire life one way or another. She rarely switches back to her original identity now because she’s afraid of losing her powers. Lady of War: Winged Victory flies into battle in full armor wielding a sword.

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Married to the Job: Winged Victory prefers to stay in her transformed superpowered form all the time, possibly because it’s a refuge from her original frail, cowardly past life. She can’t even recall the last time she visited her mother, noting only that it’s been years. Mind Hive: The Council of Nike, a worldwide psychic network of thousands of women. Their unified goal is to help women everywhere, with Winged Victory being a vessel for their collective power. She becomes considerably weakened when they question her devotion to the cause.

Strawman Political: Some citizens view Winged Victory in a distinctively negative light because of her strong advocacy for women’s rights and independence. Surveillance as the Plot Demands: Her medallion lets her see images of women in danger. Transformation Trinket: In her civilian identity, Winged Victory wears a necklace with an amulet shaped like her logo. She touches it to transform into her Lady of War form. Warts and All: Winged Victory champions women’s rights, but recognizes that she’s not the be all end all solution to society’s gender divide, and is ultimately just a normal woman trying to do the best she can and lead by example.

Winged Humanoid: As per her name, Winged Victory has a large pair of feathered wings in her superpowered form. A longtime leader of Honor Guard, this black-clad fencer is considered one of the world’s foremost detectives. Badass Normal: The only unusual thing about him is the youth serum. Dating Catwoman: With the crime lord known as Bamboo in the 70s. Disposable Superhero Maker: The rejuvenation serum’s only ever worked on him, and no one’s sure why. One scientist mentions that it altered him to make him compatible with it, but for some reason that’s never happened again.

Enhanced Archaic Weapon: Wields an electric rapier. Expy: Of Batman, with a little bit of Zorro mixed in. Fountain of Youth: The Black Rapier has his life extended due to a rejuvenation serum. Gadgeteer Genius: Repaired Beautie once when she was badly damaged. Old Superhero: The Black Rapier retires in a 2014 story, lampshading his 45-year-long crimefighting career. Your army’s not going anywhere except the stockade, chum!

A mainstay of Astro City in The ’60s and The ’70s, the Silver Agent was a beloved hero, with his sterling career marred by a shameful controversy. There is a prominent statue of him in Memorial Park, with the legend “To Our Eternal Shame. Silver Agent still uses time travel to repeatedly return to Astro City and save it through several major crises, and his selfless sacrifice shames the citizenry for decades. The Casanova: Downplayed, but he admits that he has left and hurt a lot of women. Cryptic Background Reference: For quite some time, the Silver Agent’s fall was shrouded in vague terms, leaving readers to speculate as to what actually happened. The Hero: More than anyone else in the Astro City mythos, the Silver Agent is the paragon of the heroic ideal that all other heroes strive to achieve.