How Much Money Does Bill Gates Make A Year 2018

Gibbs, a former writer and editor in chief at TIME, is Visiting Edward R. You could argue that our failure to focus on what’s getting better suggests that the how Much Money Does Bill Gates Make A Year 2018 generally is missing an enormous story. News by its nature is about a surprise. Which day do you cover malaria deaths being cut in half? Which day do you cover workplace accidents down by a factor of 50 over the 50-year period?

It’s society doing what it’s supposed to do. You decided to focus on public health. Can you talk a little about what has surprised you most? Our global health work has exceeded our expectations. Being part of this movement, which has gotten childhood deaths down from over 12 million a year to about 5 million a year now, going from 1990 until today, and with a goal to get it below 2. 5 million by 2030, cut it in half again. What turned out to be harder than you bargained for? The death rate from AIDS and preventing mother-to-child transmission during birth, those things have gone super well. But the prevention, getting people to change their behavior and getting the vaccine or drug that would protect you, that has not succeeded.

What’s the argument you make to the unemployed worker in Ohio about why the government should be spending money on foreign aid? The development aid we provide helps stabilize the world and lifts these countries up so they can be self-sufficient. South Korea, which was a huge aid recipient. So the benefits of what we’ve done are quite phenomenal. HIV spending would, between now and 2030, cause 5 million more deaths, because the U.

To reduce the money now would be horrific if killing 5 million people can be described that way. Fadhila Athumani, Salhati Hassani, Hailati Aly, Bill Gates and Asha Athumani in the village of Kicheba in the Tanga Region of Tanzania during an August 2017 visit. You added a focus on pandemics this year. Of all the major bad things that could happen—a nuclear war, an asteroid, a gigantic earthquake—the one that’s the most scary is a big epidemic, like a flu epidemic sweeping the world as it did in 1918. And so helping poor countries so they would detect it early—and they’d have the capacity to stop it when the numbers are very, very small—is advantageous to the entire world. The experts that understand this stuff the best are at the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and so keeping them funded so they can work with these countries—that is not just a benefit to these countries. In the case of Ebola, because it wasn’t caught early, the U. CDC went in and did heroic work.

How Much Money Does Bill Gates Make A Year 2018

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How Much Money Does Bill Gates Make A Year 2018

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How Much Money Does Bill Gates Make A Year 2018

In fact, a lot of polio workers were involved in making sure it was contained to the three countries. That’s a big success, but there will be many more like that that could be worse. The speed of infection of a flu is 20 times faster than Ebola, so some disease could go global if you took as long to figure out what was going on as we did with Ebola. Some of the things you’re talking about feel like traditionally the realm of government, and yet people’s faith in government to solve some of these problems isn’t so great. Government is responsible for these things, and so the big money is with government. It’s over 10 times bigger than all philanthropic things put together.

The role of philanthropy will often be to fund pilot approaches, to find breakthrough approaches. Is it easier for you to fund something that’s far-fetched? Government has four-year, eight-year cycles, and the U. So the two really do go hand in hand. Almost everything our foundation does is in partnership with the U.

I wish other governments were as enlightened. Then again, that research investment in the U. I think it’s definitely a smart thing. Philanthropy will never take over the role of government. Making sure every child has food and education, that’s governmental. If you had a billion dollars, which you do, to invest in clean energy, where would you put it? You’ve thought a great deal about artificial intelligence, which terrifies many people in terms of what it means for their own prospects.

How Much Money Does Bill Gates Make A Year 2018

What makes you optimistic about the role technology has been playing in the future of work, for instance? There are many problems that we haven’t solved. Obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s: these are gigantic problems that there are solutions for. AI is going to be changing the job market, but in market capitalism, there are always big changes, as long as we have a good safety net for the people who have been trained, whose skills don’t apply going forward.