How Much Money Have I Wasted On League Of Legends

Please forward this error screen to rafferty. Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. You need to how Much Money Have I Wasted On League Of Legends to do this. This entry is trivia, which is cool and all, but not a trope.

On a work, it goes on the Trivia tab. This was going to be his final concert tour. The saddest are these: ‘It might have been! This is when directors or writers release details about plots, characters, back stories, or other elements they thought about adding to the story at one point but ultimately never did. Some may quickly find a home in Fan Work.

This can also refer to a Sequel Hook that never got a payoff, alternate casts or directors, or even tantalizing news that the entire story was completely different from the one we all know, when it was first conceived. The Media Watchdogs or executives said, “No,” or at the very least, “Yes, but only if you change this. Technical reasons: the people who were originally hired to do it backed out, the special effects plans didn’t play out in their favor, there was not enough money in the budget to include it. Writing Around Trademarks — They couldn’t get the legal rights to it. A side effect of Throw It In! Something had to be thrown out or made up on the spot in its place. Time constraints: sometimes the creators simply run out of time and are unable to implement it.

A good place to find What Could Have Been is in DVD Commentary and out-of-continuity pilots used to pitch a show. Keep in mind that Tropes Are Tools and that the ideas and concepts implemented into the final product are sometimes better than What Could Have Been. Have in mind that, although the name may suggest otherwise, this trope is for divergent aspects of the work which were actually considered by the creators in the real world. The 2000s Mini reboot was originally meant to be a kei car-style microvan, before turning into a premium hatchback. In the 60s and 70s, British Leyland worked on a hatchback that would replace the original Mini.

How Much Money Have I Wasted On League Of Legends

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However, such a design had never reached production. Maybach cars were originally meant to have a biturbo V24 engine, displacing 15 litres and making about 1000 HP. Due to packaging issues and problems with deigning a durable enough gearbox, the biturbo V12 from the Mercedes S600 and CL 600 was used instead. First design sketches for the 1993-2000 Mercedes C-Class depicted a car with a more rounded appearance. The Mercedes CLS could have never seen production, if not for an executive seeing an employee-made drawing of “a Jaguar built by Mercedes” and deciding to put it into production. 1962 Dodge midsizers were originally meant to be fullsize cars, but instead got downsized to compete with new GM A-body vehicles. Cadillac originally planned their 1967 models to have an OHC V12 engine.

The 1980-2003 Fiat Panda was originally meant to be built on a streched platform of the 126. Its name was originally planned to be “Rustica”, but someone pointed out that given Fiat’s reputation for corrosion, a name containing the word “rust” shouldn’t really be considered for any of the brand’s products. The 2003-2012 Fiat Panda was planned to be an experimental lightweight low fuel consumption 5-seat small car, but ended up as a more traditional city car. Also, the vehicle’s name was originally meant to be “Gingo”, but the protests of Renault, makers of the Twingo, blocked the change. The 2007 Fiat 500’s original designs depicted a 5-door car with styling similar to the VW New Beetle, but with a more toy-like appearance. Volkswagen could have not existed at all, if not for the British major Ivan Hirst reopening the KDF-Wagen factory after World War II and renaming the product to “Volkswagen Type 1”, colloquially known as the Beetle. The VW Beetle’s original replacement was a project codenamed “EA 271”, a mid-engined hatchback with the motor below the front seats, However, technical difficulties and the high projected cost of producing such a vehicle made the EA 271 not enter production.

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Between 2010 and 2014 Porsche worked on a roadster slotting below the Boxster, but the idea ended up getting abandoned. The Porsche 928 was planned as a 911 replacement, but ended up being a more luxurious alternative to it. In the late 1980s, BMW was working on the idea of a V16-powered car. There even were a few prototypes of a 6. 6 V16 7-Series built, based on the 750i and nicknamed “766i” or “Goldfish”, but such an engine ended up being too complicated for a production car.

The BMW 8-Series had a 550 HP version called “M8” considered, so that BMW would have a rival for the Ferrari 456GT. However, the car never ended up hitting production. In the mid-2000s BMW wanted to release a range of 3 crossovers being the middle ground between their wagons and the X SUVs. These vehicles were meant to be based on the 3-Series, 5-Series and 7-Series, respectively named V3, V5 and V7. The 7-Series-based vehicle never saw production, whiule the 3-series and 5-series-based ones morphed into the GT versions of these cars.

Caterham tried to release a car based on the 2017 Renault Alpine, being in an alliance with the latter. Unfortunately, the British company did not have the money it took to design the new model and the car ended up existing only in the digital form and as clay models. The alliance also wanted to make a Caterham-branded subcompact and small crossover in order to get more appeal in the Asian markets. These vehicles never went further than the general idea. The Lamborghini LM 001 was a civilian adaptation of the Cheetah, a military prototype that had too high fuel consumption to be accepted, and might had not existed if the Cheetah got greenlit for army service.

Lamborghini wanted to release a mid-engined 4-seater coupe called “Espada” in 2008. The car was planned to be built using a stretched Gallardo spaceframe and mechanics, but never saw a release. Later, the company was tooling with the idea of building a front-engined 4-door sedan, like the prototypical Estoque, but instead settled on developing an SUV, the Urus. The Land Rover Series I’s prototypes had a single seat and the steering wheel in the middle, due to the buyer demographics being perceived as having familarity with that layout, driving tractors as part of their work. The final production version ended up being equipped with 3 front seats and a normal left- or right-mounted steering wheel. The 1964 Ford Mustang was originally meant to be a 2-seat roadster with a rear-mounted V4 engine.