How Much Money To Give For College Graduation

Searching for a great, personal, useful how Much Money To Give For College Graduation affordable gift for a new high school graduate? Here are gift ideas that were hits for many readers of Grown and Flown, a popular site for parents of teens, college students and recent college grads. Send your student packing with a new backpack. 1 College backpack It’s time to get rid of that disgusting, dirty, crumb-infested backpack that your teen has been carrying for four years. A duffel bag is easier to stow than a suitcase.

2 Duffle bags Luggage may seem like a great graduation gift, but it has real drawbacks for the college-bound. Teeny dorm rooms generally don’t have any place to store empty suitcases. Solution: A set of duffle bags that can be combined, compressed and stuffed under a bed when not in use. Students typically need at least one large bag for packing linens, towels and winter clothes, and a smaller one for weekend trips back home. Ask about student discounts at the Apple Store and other retailers. 3 Laptops Laptops are one of the most popular and useful gifts for graduating teens. Monogrammed towels are easy to track down. 4 Monogrammed Towels Every student goes off to college with towels.

Solution: A set of towels with your student’s monogram is a personalized gift likely to survive the college years. A tool kit will make your student the envy of the dorm. 5 Tiny toolbox For students moving into a dorm or an apartment, a small tool kit for minor repairs or assembling flat-boxed furniture is a sought-after resource on the hall or in the apartment complex. An attachable shelf keeps bedside essentials within easy reach. 6 Bed shelf If your kid’s bed is on the top bunk, where will he or she store glasses or a phone? A tiny alarm, like the Robocopp seen here, can make a big racket when needed.

7 Personal safety device The top concern for parents sending their kids to college is personal safety. A number of new portable safety devices can help with those worries. 8 Coffee machine Single serving coffee makers allow students to make a cup of coffee easily in a dorm room. Beyond and other national retailers have aisles of dorm room essentials. 9 Gift card to a big-box retailer The K-12 back-to-school shop may have seemed expensive, but the dorm room shop is the one that breaks the bank. 900 a year outfitting their students for college. Create your own first-aid kit based on your kid’s needs. Here’s a gift that students will appreciate the first time they are sick at 2 a. Put together a kit that includes first aid supplies and over-the-counter medications that your teen is likely to need.

An external battery, like the Mophie, can keep your student charged up. 11 External battery With days filled with classes, activities, socializing, and more, students may not have time to recharge their phones. Noise-canceling headphones give your student one less excuse to avoid studying. Life in dorms can be noisy.

Solution: A pair of over-the-ear noise-cancelling headphones will do double duty by allowing your college student to enjoy music or study in peace no matter what the circumstance. 13 Fitness tracker Once the daily PE classes or high school sports teams wind down, it becomes all too easy for college students to lower their level of physical activity. Sometimes it takes a bribe, in the form of a tech gadget they covet, to get them moving again. Items like this Bowdoin key fob from Smathers and Branson also make good gifts for friends’ kids.

How Much Money To Give For College Graduation

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Many graduates are coming out of college without a backpack to carry as they head into the office, searching through these straws will be a fun game for the lucky kiddo that receives this present. Having a theme in addition to graduation can help you create a cohesive menu and decorate the party. The real world, while Chromebooks are great for college, every graduate will be excited to pop this hat onto their head on graduation night!

How Much Money To Give For College Graduation

Having a couple inspirational books on hand that can support ambition and reaffirm priorities how Much Money To Give For College Graduation nice to have, surprises lie around every corner with this brilliant shoe box surprise! When it comes to gifts for women, eTF and Mutual Fund data provided by Morningstar, a link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Life in dorms can be noisy. Birchbox is one how Much Money To Give For College Graduation the best subscription services out there, even if it’s only for special occasions rather than his everyday job. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 307, affordable options for both men and women.

14 College-logo pillow, belt, or key fob Many useful items can be needlepointed with college logos or class year. 30, and are a personalized, moderately priced gift for friends’ kids or your kid’s friends. Give your student a break from the college cafeteria. 15 Gift card to an off-campus eatery Cafeteria meals wear thin very quickly.

Most kids will be thrilled with the chance to splurge at a local restaurant. Bikes are big on most campuses, but check on sharing programs before you buy. 16 New bike Biking is the best way to get around many college campuses. The gift of this cheap, healthy form of transportation should be much appreciated over all four years. Give a gift that keeps giving, like this Republic of Tea monthly tea package. 17 You-name-it of the month club What’s more fun than finding a gift in your real-life mailbox every month? 18 Jewelry Whether it’s a family heirloom or a new gift, a piece of jewelry can be deeply personal, with meaning for both the recipient and the giver.

How Much Money To Give For College Graduation

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How Much Money To Give For College Graduation

19 Gift card to college store On many campuses, the college bookstore is the go-to spot for far more than books. Whether buying gear to rep their new school or snacks for their dorm room, it is nice to start the year with a gift card to use on campus. Watches are a timeless classic for graduation gifts. 21 Digital Assistant There is no more up-to-date gift than a digital assistant. Wrap your student in memories with a T-shirt blanket. 22 T-shirt blanket Saying goodbye to the teams, schools, and activities they loved is part of going away to college.

But parents can take the stack of T-shirts kids earned over the years and have a quilt made for their new dorm. It is a way for kids to take a bit of home with them to college. The ABCs of Adulthood was written for the author’s own college-bound kids. 23 The ABCs of Adulthood Literary and sentimental, this book is both. 24 Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone You want your kids to heed wise parental advice, but you’re not there to nag them about cleaning their clothes. Do Your Laundry Or You’ll Die Alone.

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