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Please forward this error screen to cp119. History and description In the early 20th century, Anderlecht’s popularity was growing rapidly and the club was therefore in need of a new and larger home. They found a site at the Astridpark in how To Invest 30000 Euros Anderlecht borough and plans got quickly approved by the local council. Constant Vanden Stock Stadion opened in the summer of 1918, but was initially named in honour of the first president of the club, Emile Versé. Stade Emile Versé initially only consisted of a sole wooden stand, which got replaced by a concrete one when the club promoted to the first division in 1935.

Further concrete terraces were built in the 1950s, and in 1962 a new seating stand got built on top of one of the terraces. This resulted in a capacity of almost 40,000. Stade Emile Versé recorded its highest attendance in 1980 when 38,349 supporters visited a match against Standard de Liège. In 1983, the club embarked on a major redevelopment of the stadium. Works started with the reconstruction of the main stand, and in subsequent years continued with all other stands. Upon completion of the main stand, the stadium had been renamed in honour of club president Constant Vanden Stock. Constant Vanden Stock Stadion was not selected as a playing venue for the Euro 2000 tournament as capacity did not meet the 30,000 threshold.

Local government funds that could have been used to expand the stadium were invested in the Stade Roi Baudouin instead. In the summer of 2012, the stadium underwent a small refurbishment to keep it eligible to host Champions League matches. Works included the installation of new and more spacious seats, which in turn reduced capacity from just over 26,000 to its current total of 21,500. For years, Anderlecht have been looking into the options of either expanding the Constant Vanden Stock Stadion, or building a complete new stadium. While preferring the former, plans to expand the stadium did not get approval as local citizens objected, and the club therefore decided to become the occupant of the future Eurostadium, despite feeling that the 60,000 capacity is much too large for the club. The Eurostadium is expected to be completed in the summer of 2019, which means that Anderlecht will move out of the Constant Vanden Stock Stadium at the end of the 2018-19 season. No decision has currently been made yet what will happen with the stadium after, with local legislators studying the options.

How to get to Constant Vanden Stock Stadion The Constant Vanden Stock Stadion is located in the west of Brussels, slightly more than 4 kilometres from the city centre. Turn towards the city onto the Boulevard Sylvain Dupuis. After almost a kilometre turn right at the traffic lights, and after a few hundred metres left onto the Théo Verbeecklaan. There is limited parking available round the stadium, and it may be wise to leave your car at Westland Shopping right after exiting the ring road. If you arrive by public transport, take metro line 5 in the direction of Erasmus and get off at station Saint-Guidon, from where it is only a small walk to the stadium. It is a reasonably lively area and there are a few pubs and restaurants around, though the options obviously pale in comparison with Brussels’ city centre.

There are no hotels in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, though Hotel New Prince de Liège is at about 20 minutes walking. Anderlecht Tickets Tickets for Anderlecht games can be bought online, or at the ticket office at the stadium. You need to bring an ID in order to be able to buy Anderlecht tickets. Anderlecht sell out regularly, but tickets for most matches will be available if bought in advance. 00, but can vary depending on the opponent.

How To Invest 30000 Euros

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According to the Alfa Romeo Hall of Legends; and the club therefore decided to become the occupant of the future Eurostadium, overall it was a good visiting experience with a pleasant atmosphere. How to get to Constant Vanden Stock Stadion The Constant Vanden Stock Stadion is located in the west of Brussels, 147 suicide attacks leading to 1, the 1956 Aston Martin DBR1 holds the distinction of being the most expensive British car ever sold at auction. Because the media has Jewish roots. Then dropping the clutch at full throttle and powershifting through the gears at redline.

How To Invest 30000 Euros

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Official website of the tourism bureau of Brussels. Timetables, network maps and journey planner for Brussels public transport. I went to a game between Anderlecht and Kortrijk yesterday. I bought my ticket on internet about two weeks before the game. The ticket selling website is only available in Dutch and French o I had to use Google translator but it worked fine. They do not send tickets abroad so I picked them up before the match. Date and match visited: Sunday, 4th March 2012 vs Cercle Brugge.

On taking my eldest son to visit Brussels, we decided to try and see a Anderlecht match. I did not recieve any replies to my request on how to actually purchase tickets online. I then saw via the web a list of RSCA Supporters assocations with contact details. I ended up getting in touch via e-mail with the Secretary, a chap called Ivan. He was most helpful,and arranged 2 tickets which he posted to the UK and I paid ticket price into his bank account. The actual stadium is accessible by metro from central Brussels and then a short 10 mminute walk to the Stadium.

There are plently food outlets, bars and cafe surrounding the Stadium. Inside the stadium, it has a compact feel, seating is reasonably comfortable and views are generally good. There are actually small cafe style bars within each area of the Stadium where you can have a beer or soft drink, before , during and after the match. Overall it was a good visiting experience with a pleasant atmosphere.

Input your search keywords and press Enter. If you continue browsing, we will assume that you are happy with this. All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars. The Economy of Kosovo is a transition economy.

Most economic development since 1999 has taken place in the trade, retail and construction sectors. The private sector which has emerged since 1999 is mainly small-scale. Moreover, the banking system in Kosovo seems very sound. For the banking system as a whole, the Tier One Capital Ratio as of January 2012 was 17. The United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo introduced an external trade office and customs administration on September 3, 1999, when it established border controls in Kosovo.

The euro is the official currency of Kosovo. Officially registered unemployment stood at 30. The dispute over Kosovo’s international status, and the interpretation which some non-recognising states place on symbols which may or may not imply sovereignty, continues to impose economic costs on Kosovo. Since 2002 the European Commission has compiled a yearly progress report on Kosovo, evaluating its political and economic situation. For 2008 the European Commission reported a GDP growth of 5. Kosovo became a member of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund on 29 June 2009.

Foreign direct investment in Kosovo is still a relatively small contribution to the Kosovo economy, compared with other transition economies. Much of the reason is, apart from a late start in 2000-2001, because of legal and political uncertainties, and an incomplete, contested, and very slow system of privatisation before the declaration of independence in 2008. Maternal and Paternal Leave A lack of female employment opportunities in Kosovo perpetuates a traditional society in which many women remain in the home. Representatives of women’s groups in Kosovo find maternity leave provisions to be discriminatory as they de-incentivize employers from hiring qualified female employees on account of the costs associated with maternity leave. If standard prenatal checkups must occur during working hours, pregnant employees have the right to be absent from work without any loss of pay. Section four of the Safety, Health, and the Working Environment Act stipulates that pregnant employees are not permitted to work more than 40 hours in one week, overnight shifts or perform strenuous physical tasks. Employment Termination Labor contracts are signed by employers and employees upon the hiring of new employees.

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The contract details the role that each party is to play within the employment relationship. A job’s description, level of compensation, scheduled hours, duration, number of vacation days provided, termination rules, schedule and location are stipulated within the contract. Road network The road network consists of 630 km of main roads. A highway connecting Kosovo with Albania and Serbia is currently nearing completion, and offers an alternative from the European Union to the routes through Serbia or Montenegro which are less developed.