How To Make Money Using Brave

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Brave even lets you contribute to your favorite creators automatically. Phantom Brave: We Meet Again, was released on March 12, 2009 in Japan. Siliconera teased gamers with a “puzzlehunt”, giving them the quote “Maybe that means thank you? The protagonist of Phantom Brave is a 13-year-old girl named Marona. Having lost both of her parents at a young age, Marona lives on Phantom Isle in the oceanic world of Ivoire with a phantom named Ash.

How To Make Money Using Brave

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How To Make Money Using Brave

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How To Make Money Using Brave

Chroma, a sort of bounty hunter or adventurer for hire. As far as the game is concerned, Marona is the only one able to see Ash in phantom form. This is primarily because of her unique ability known as “Chartreuse Gale”. This ability not only allows her to see and interact with phantoms, but bind their souls to various objects to grant them a temporary body, referred to in-game as “Confine”. As she continues her Chroma work, Marona’s path eventually crosses with that of a man named Walnut.

Walnut prides himself on his status as a Chroma Oxide, one who secretly follows a Chroma on their mission and steals the reward for their work. Walnut regularly tries to meddle in Chroma-related matters involving Marona, but is rarely successful. As they continue their work, Ash and Marona also meet a sickly young girl named Castille. As the game progresses, signs of Sulphur returning to Ivoire in full force become more apparent.

Earthquakes increase in frequency and monsters plague the land, with lesser forms of Sulphur known as Wraiths appearing to attack Ash and Marona several times. As preparations for the final battle are made, Ash and Marona return to the Isle of Evil and find Raphael is possessed by Sulphur, and so Marona’s team of phantoms is forced to engage Raphael in a duel. Phantom Brave is a tactical role-playing game with battles that take place on an isometric board. Marona dispatches her phantom allies by confining them to objects on the field, such as trees, grass, rocks, and flowers. Ash is attempting to attack an Amazon with the “Subtle” title. Phantom Brave has a gridless system in which each character can move a certain number of dm in each turn.

How To Make Money Using Brave

The terrain also has traction and pliability characteristics, which affect how long characters continue to slide along after they stop moving and how high they bounce when the character jumps down from a ledge. Unlike most tactical role-playing games, the border of the battle maps do not have barriers around their edges. Most characters and objects can be thrown off, hit off, fall off, or slip off of the field of battle and sent O. Characters and objects that are O. B’d, the level of each of the remaining enemies rises by one, so the player can trade a large force of weak enemies for a smaller number of stronger ones.

This mana can be spent to fuse two characters together, an item into a character, or an item to an item. Fusion increases the level cap of the beneficiary by the level of the consumed item or character. While on Phantom Isle, a character class called Dungeon Monk can be asked to create a random dungeon. Some characteristics of the dungeon can be seen before creation, including the type and general number of enemies present, the floor conditions, and if the use of equipped weapons is restricted or not. Dungeons also have titles, which are applied to every enemy in the dungeon. As the floors of the dungeon are cleared, the title of the dungeon will improve. The player starts off by being able to create characters from a limited selection of classes, but each class of enemy that is defeated in battle is added to the selection of phantoms the player may summon.

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Summoning phantoms requires only a nominal fee, but new phantoms always join at level 1 no matter when they are summoned. Phantom Brave has a series of extra maps following the main storyline. These post-game maps offer more powerful enemies and feature cameos by some members of the cast of the Disgaea games as enemies. After defeating these characters they will join the player’s pool of playable characters as “phantom doubles”. The heroine of the game, Marona is a 14-year-old girl who has the ability to see and communicate with phantoms, a set of abilities collectively known in-game as “Chartreuse”.

This power enables her to make a living as a Chroma, a kind of adventurer-for-hire, despite being at such a young age, but it also makes her feared and shunned by other people, many thinking that she is possessed. One of the two main heroes of the game, Ash is the phantom of a young man who protects Marona. When he was alive he worked alongside Marona’s parents as a Chroma. After dying along with them, he found himself stuck between life and death, thanks to the efforts of Marona’s father. He has since sworn to watch over and protect Marona, feeling that he owes Marona’s parents for being the only one to “survive” their unfortunate demise. A werewolf who impersonates Raphael of the White Wolf Army in order to steal from people who have heard of Raphael’s renowned fighting prowess. He later returns in the Sand region under the influence of Sulphur, which fuels his impersonation into a belief that he really is Raphael.

After he is defeated again, he is shown to be a member of the Raven clan, the Fighting Beasts, under Captain Drab. A Chroma Oxide, a person that makes a living by waiting for a Chroma to near the completion of their assigned job and then takes proof of the work’s completion in order to steal the reward. Willing to do anything and step on anyone to achieve his goals, Walnut is the older brother of Marona’s newfound friend Castile, and puts aside his Chroma Oxide earnings to pay for an operation for her. Castile is a young wheelchair-bound girl, whose family was rich before spending most of their fortune on her treatments. She is kidnapped by minions of Sulphur, but rescued by Marona and Ash. Castile learns about Marona’s ability to see phantoms, and meets with Ash, and she and Marona become best friends as the events of the story unfold. Sienna is a beautiful and elegant businesswoman who owns Phantom Isle, Marona’s home.

She is generous and polite to a fault, but her calm demeanor holds a few secrets. Even her assistant, Murasaki, is clueless as to Sienna’s true motivations, or what it is about Phantom Isle that makes it so important to her. Besides Phantom Isle, Sienna owns an immense Bottle Mail factory. A fierce and powerful 85-year-old man whose family was slain by Sulphur’s hand 30 years ago. Once the famed wielder of a holy sword, he has sworn to kill Sulphur and avenge his family, turning to the use of dark powers in order to achieve his revenge. He is the former mentor of Raphael, and one of the warriors known as the 9 Swords of Ivoire. His signature technique is the power “Dark Eboreus”.

An alternate version of Sprout joins the player’s party in “Another Marona”. Raphael is one of the warriors known as the 9 Swords of Ivoire. He is first seen in the quest to find the rainbow bird. His signature technique is called Heliotrope Blade.

An alternate version of Raphael fights by Marona’s side in the Wii and PSP exclusive side story, “Another Marona”. A dignified old Scrabbit with a mustache that sends Marona on a search for Scarlet the Brave. The story’s main antagonist and a powerful demon that periodically threatens the world of Ivoire. The very thought of his return causes chaos and widespread panic across all of Ivoire. His power possesses a number of characters throughout the game. After his defeat, Sulphur returns to Ivoire in a bonus battle on the Island of Evil.