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Blogging is becoming one of the most growing professions now a days. It attracts youngsters and especially students who can show their talent to the world and can make money online with their skills. We previously shared a list of top 12 Indian bloggers with the how To Make Money With A Blog Blogger Askmohsin.Com that we’d also share a list of our top Pakistani bloggers. Bloggers These bloggers have literally changed the lives of many newbies including myself. I have ranked these bloggers based on their productivity and contribution for the online community.

I’ve personally seen these bloggers working hard to create useful content and help people in real time. Mustafa started his blogging career at the end of 2008 using blogger platform as a part time blogger, and later he stepped into blogging as a full time entrepreneur. His blog provides resources, tutorials, news on IT happenings in Pakistan. He is earning money with his blog by displaying Google Adsense ads and direct ads. His blog is a popular technology blog in Pakistan and has been nominated many times for different awards. He writes on Facebook ads, Google Adwords, SEO and online marketing. Ali likes to call himself an internet entrepreneur who works with various companies across the globe for their digital marketing campaigns. He has officially certified from Google and Microsoft and even have a partnership with Google.

Islamabad, Pakistan and blogging for last couple of years. How to Make Money online in Pakistan? Muhammad Ismail, well-known personality in Affiliate Blogging undeniably more than what meets the eye. A dedicated and passionate man native of Swabi, KPK. He is the one to set up the base of online business for the very first time in KPK in 2012. From the childhood, he has the urge to do something incredible in his life. 6 due to his immense efforts for Pakistan and its people, he has been running this blog and a few other blogs since 2010, and he has published thousands of video tutorials and articles on his blogs till this date and the journey continues. He started blogging a few years ago in a very young age and still he is less than 18 years. Abdul Samad blogs mostly about SEO, Blogging Tips and Making Money online.

Net is very helpful for newbies, and he’s been actively updating it since its creation back in 2014. The best thing I liked about Abdul Samad is that he is very smart in creating hype on social media. Marjan Arbab is basically from Quetta but lives in Karachi. She is a very talented girl and blogger who has been working as a freelancer as well for last couple of years. She is very good at writing quality content and share her tips regarding online business and particularly freelancing. She is empowering women across the country through her articles and seminars. And here it comes the last champ of the list from Pakistan. Pakistan who lives in Mandi Bahauddin a city located in the central Punjab province of Pakistan. I included him to encourage the other youngsters to work hard and produce original work like him.

We wish him best of luck in the future. I hopefully can say that you’ve enjoyed this list and will give me your precious feedback to improve this list in the future. You can also suggest bloggers who might get listed here in the next update. How to Verify Payza Account in Pakistan?

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As I mentioned in the post that is this list is not only based on Earning or ranking of the blog, gOD BLESS YOU MEE AND ALL OF US . We can create lists based on the age and gender such as top 20 young bloggers in Pakistan, zain brother if you did hard word then I hope you’ll take place in this list one day. I will be also in top 10 bloggers. Also top city wise like top bloggers from Lahore, and he is not a professional blogger like the ones we’ve listed above.

Saad Hamid was included in the earlier list of this post, we’ll be in the list soon. You are quite right from your how To Make Money With A Blog Blogger Askmohsin.Com, there is how To Make Money With A How To Make Extra Money Blogger Askmohsin.Com impossible in the world. Everyone respects him, pakistani bloggers have done remarkable job and they are also inspiring new bloggers. Really insipiring and full energetic post. To be honest, we’ve moreover looked after their Page Rank and credibility. Kindly how To Make Paypal Money Fast To Make Money With A Blog Blogger Askmohsin.Com a post which suits your question and post it there, kyun ke Allah ny jo bhi Maqaam dia hy us how To Profitable Business Ideas In Ghana Money With A Blog Blogger Askmohsin.Com me khush hon but little sad my brother because my adsense did not give how To Make Money With A Blog How To Make Paypal Money Fast Askmohsin.Com good earnings.

How to Pass Upwork Readiness Quiz Test in Urdu? Best Websites to Download Free Blogger Templates Blogger. Syed Balkhi should be listed in TOP 10 Pakistani Bloggers. Faizan, while creating this list we had criteria for the bloggers, in which we included that the blogger must be living in Pakistan, therefore, as you might know Syed Balkhi is not living in Pakistan and is a US citizen. We that’s why didn’t include him in the list.

Yeah he is living in USA but he is born Pakistani. He is really an inspiration for new Bloggers and proud for whole Pakistan. So our new bloggers should know about that blogging star who is not only popular in Pakistan but also in whole blogging world. Well, Once again great work from your side. Brother, if he lived in Pakistan, I’d definitely place him on the first position. But unfortunately he doesn’t live here.

Most of bloggers and people are waiting for this and now it is published. No doubt a great piece of hard work is behind this post but it is also a fact that most love it and most people don’t agree with it but according to my opinion this is a great post because most of them are hidden from my eye but you just mention them and now I am familiar with them. But really when I saw the earning of MBT. Yes, they are awesome people who are representing a good face of Pakistan. I hope you’ve got something new today by reading this post. Dear Wali, Nice Post but one of the best blog is missing which is so called Onlineustaad.

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Numbers Always starts from 0 so if i was at your place i will put onlineustaad. Thanks brother for your enthusiasm, but in last of the article I already have mentioned that we can’t include our blog or our name because this list is created by us. Therefore, it doesn’t look appropriate if we include our name. We are already mentioned on other blogs. These people are future web engineers of Pakistan. Yes bro, they are really genius, therefore I included them in the list. I was familiar with their name.

Yes brother, Muhammad Mustafa is without doubts a great man and an inspiration for thousands of new bloggers around the globe. Brother mein kabhi nai aa sakta aisi top list mein,Kyun ke Allah ny jo bhi Maqaam dia hy us py me khush hon but little sad my brother because my adsense did not give me good earnings. Zain brother if you did hard word then I hope you’ll take place in this list one day. There is nothing impossible in the world. These bloggers who are included in the list were also like me and you and they did hard work and learnt things continually, therefore today they are successful and inspiration for others. And for Adsense earning I’d say that it only depends on the visitors, placements of the ads and also the topic.

So you can increase your visitors by posting more quality content everyday like we do. Don’t loss hope bro ALLAH is with us. Yes, we’ll be in the list soon. GOD BLESS YOU MEE AND ALL OF US . Brother hamare blog ko already bohat sare jagho par mention kia gya ha top Pakistani bloggers k list ma.

By the way, aap kheryat se Quetta pohnchy? Sorry I had to edit your name for this comment because that’s not appropriate for comment to use a product name instead always try to use your real name while commenting somewhere. Well, to be honest, I myself don’t re-write things, maybe my writers do, but I don’t. The guys I mentioned in this list are well-known for me and are connected with me for last 1 and half years. So there was even no need to research about them. Thanks for the list and inspiring new bloggers to work hard. I think Aamir atta at place of 3 in the top list.

9, because the others bloggers in the list have done more than Amir Atta bhai. Sms ki jo websites hoti hain un me to sare copy content hote hain or na hi us me SEo or keywords ka kuch khyal rkha jata ha to wo itni zyada earning kese kr lete hain? I really impressive with Mustafa blog and his earning. I want to say one thing here. 10 pr but I don’t know about your earning. Thanks brother for sharing great list.