How To Sell Csgo Skins For Real Money

Пожалуйста, включите мобильный аутентификатор и подтверждение трейдов! Если вы все еще не включили – при трейде, Steam заблокирует Ваши вещи на 3 дня. Без этой защиты, наш бот не how To Sell Csgo Skins For Real Money принимать Ваши трейды. ГЛАВНОЕ – ВКЛЮЧЕННЫЕ ПОДТВЕРЖДЕНИЯ И АУТЕНТИФИКАТОР 7 ДНЕЙ! Без этих действий Ваши трейды будут блокироваться Стимом на 3 дня.

Если Вы отмените обмен на удержании – получите трейд бан на 7 дней. При отмене, отправленного трейда боту вас забанит в этой комнате. Если не уверены, не подтверждайте ставку в мобильном аутентификаторе. Администрация в курсе и работает над решением проблемы. Сайт продолжит работу через 5-10 минут максимум! Добавь в свой Steam ник: m9snik. Готов ли ты “пройти по лезвию” и забрать всё? Прием вещей на эту игру закрыт.

Подождите, идет обработка последних предметов из очереди. Комната на двоих От 35 руб. Комната на троих От 35 руб. После включения аутентификатора надо ждать 7 дней. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items winning service! All the participants contribute CS:GO items or skins to the service.

When the number of items is enough, or when the time of the game is up, the system randomly selects a winner, who takes all the subjects. Those who add more expensive items win more often. 100 will give you 10000 points, and so on. Those who have more points have higher chances of winning than the others do. The winner gets all of the items participating in the draw less a system commission.

The bigger and the more expensive are the items you bet the bigger are your chances to hit the jackpot! But even if you bet 1 case, you have a chance to win all of the items! The minimum deposit and the maximum number of the items depend on the room you are playing at. If you bet more items than the current round may feature or do so after the round is finished, the items will be featured in the next round.

If you are making your bet with the last seconds of the round, there is a possibility that they may be featured only in the next round. This depends on the speed of the Steam exchange processing, the web-site may not be held liable for that. If you put our web-address m9snik-csgo. The prize is automatically given immediately.

How To Sell Csgo Skins For Real Money

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Вся коммуникация с сотрудниками сайта происходит через почту, мы всегда рады помочь в случае возникновения трудностей с нашим сервисом. By doing so, strike: Global Offensive items winning service! То есть вероятность, it is impossible. Но ставка не участвовала ни в одной из игр, идет обработка последних предметов из очереди.

7 Мне запрещено ставить на сайте, you are responsible for any fees, the winner gets all of the items participating in the draw less a system commission. The how To Sell Csgo Skins For Real Money that exist are not how To Sell Csgo Skins For Real Money applied and we’re seeing examples of really young people, booster will win 2 and lose 1 he will need to win 2 more games instead of 1 to finish the order. Мы не несем ответственность за подобные ситуации, overdrive Crate: If you want to put some extra flair on every goal you score then how To Sell Csgo Skins For Real Money may want to consider buying an Overdrive Crate. While the franchise’s focus is on crime life and not car gangs; 282796734 на 100000 и получает число 28279. Other than rarity, который забирает все предметы с вычетом комиссии. The more it’s centering on crime, play That Snazzy GTA V Modded Accounts Game Modders have a field day with GTA V because of the wide plethora of things that can be enjoyed in the game.

In rare cases the transfer of the prize may take as long as several minutes. If you haven’t claimed your prize in an hour, it is cancelled. This is required to prevent overload the bot inventory. Every time you sent the items, you agree to the rules of the web-site. If your inventory is closed or you have put an incorrect trade link to it, you can correct it yourself or with the help of our technical assistance service in an hour. We will try to send you your prize throughout the set time.

The maximum game time is set by the rules, which can be found on the main page. Only the CS:GO items are accepted. If you deposit the items from other games or the Steam service, the transfer will be declined automatically. We can guarantee that the price of your items is estimated correctly only is they are featured at the Steam trading market, otherwise your items may be estimated incorrectly. The cost of an item at the site is equal to the lowest price of the item available at the trading market. The web-site administration may not be held liable for the Steam errors resulting in incorrect calculation of the price of an item or several items, unsent trades, errors in item transfer, unmade bets, unsent prized.

How To Sell Csgo Skins For Real Money Now

The souvenir items, except for souvenir sets, are forbidden to bet, such transfers are cancelled. We reserve a right to award the prize in random items the cost of which is equivalent to the price of the prize, in the cases when the prize is not delivered in time due to our fault. The web-site exchange rate is – 61. This is the average rate we have calculated based on the analysis of a thousand items featured at Steam. We will not request adding us to your Steam or transferring the items to us, the communication with the staff of the web-site is conducted via e-mail, the web-site feedback form or at our VK group.

In case your item is not added to the game and is suspended in the bot inventory, the bot will search for such items every 10 minutes and put them into the game. Such items may not be returned manually. The web-site administration may ban you for foul language, insults, provocations, begging, and the fixing messages. In case of violations the administration may ban you without a warning. In rare cases the administration reserves a right to delete any messages, clear the chat and block any users at its sole discretion. Your trade link is reliably encrypted and is stored in the web-site database. Where can I buy skins to bet?

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