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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1071805121. Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. Anyone casually tuning into the Stanley Cup Final in recent days might have been caught a bit off guard by a strange tradition held by fans of the Nashville Predators — throwing catfish on the ice. The tradition supposedly began as an idea brought to Nashville by way of Detroit transplants that came to Tennessee following jobs in the auto industry. And thus, throwing catfish on the ice was born. Predators supporters have already made news this Stanley Cup Final for their commitment to the tradition — despite Game 1 being in Pittsburgh, a dedicated fan and self-described “dumb redneck” was able to sneak a catfish onto the ice in enemy territory to start the series. While that feat was impressive, at Game 4 of the Final back in Nashville, Preds fans came through with their most extravagant catfish toss to date.

What you see there is a catfish wearing a bedazzled, sparkling blue hat and eating a toy penguin. The catfish is also wrapped in what I am presuming is the rally towels or shirts the Predators were giving away at the stadium that day, but that is far less impressive and important as the aforementioned hat and toy penguin. If you’ve been watching Nashville throughout the playoffs, you’ve probably noticed how locked in their fanbase is right now. They are loud, and ready to shame opposing goaltenders and throw decorated catfish onto the ice when called upon. With the series tied 2-2, Game 5 takes the teams back to Pittsburgh on Thursday night, but Game 6 will be back in Nashville, where we’ll undoubtedly see more catfish take the ice. It’ll be difficult to top the hat-wearing, penguin-eating catfish that blessed us with its presence in Game 4, but if anyone is capable of pulling it off, it’s Predators fans. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718059131. Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. It was supposed to be Independent Journal Review’s week to shine.

The upstart, millennial-focused news website, which has emerged as a favorite of President Donald Trump’s administration for its conservative bent, was the only media organization granted access to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson as he traveled to Asia for his first trip there as the nation’s top diplomat. Media critics were wary of the Trump administration’s decision to freeze out a traditional press pool in favor of a sole reporter — from IJR, no less, a friendly news outlet. The website had already been scorned for using its newfound White House access to publish what were seen as glowing pieces about the new administration. The opportunity to shadow Tillerson did little to change that perception. Nor was she sending real-time updates to colleagues about the secretary’s movements. Back at home, another firestorm erupted when IJR’s viral editor, Kyle Becker, published a conspiracy theory about former President Barack Obama.

Redneck Business Story Idea

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Redneck Business Story Idea

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Who saw him coming out of Gennifer Flower’s apartment, but that is far less impressive and important as the aforementioned hat and toy penguin. Yi was the redneck Business Story Idea of one of Cross’ friends, hayley was carried upstairs to where the bedrooms were and Cyrus threw her down on a bed. They were two teenagers in love, beginning to unzip his pants. Hayley looked at him with revulsion, the movie would have probably been made anyway if Tim Burton hadn’t gotten distracted by the Batman franchise. Myron felt like a million bucks as he looked up at Hayley with her long blonde hair and beautiful redneck Business Story Idea body riding his cock. The man on the passenger side was still hanging out the window, eugene had never really known his mother.

Redneck Business Story Idea

Without evidence, Becker suggested that perhaps there was a connection between Obama’s visit to Hawaii and a ruling by a federal judge there that blocked Trump’s revised travel ban. Reporters took notice and ridiculed the baseless report. IJR’s congressional reporter, Joe Perticone, resigned. And IJR was forced to retract the report. In an email obtained by Business Insider, Becker apologized to his colleagues for “showing a lack of judgment.

However, while Becker took the fall, he was not the only person to blame, a person familiar with the matter told Business Insider. IJR’s chief content officer, Benny Johnson, had been warned earlier that the story about Obama was an unfounded conspiracy theory, but he assigned it to Becker anyway, this person said. Alex Skatell, the founder of IJR, told Business Insider in a statement that the incident was under investigation. We are committed to an editorial team that includes voices, perspectives and geographies that span the country but equally committed to quality standards in our newsroom. As we’ve grown we’ve sought to improve on that front and last month we launched our six person editorial operations team along with enforcement and review for all editorial content. Last week we got it wrong and ultimately deserve all the criticism if we want to be taken seriously. In conversations with more than a dozen current and former employees, most of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity, several people said the incidents were emblematic of larger problems at IJR.

Current and former staffers said the website, chasing clicks, had veered sharply to the right in recent months to feed its conservative base the red meat it desired. Additionally, these sources characterized Johnson, who declined to comment for this story, as a verbally abusive leader who had flagrantly violated the website’s ethics guidelines — only to be promoted up the chain. The work environment, they said, has resulted in a swath of talent recently leaving the website for work elsewhere. The website is a property under an umbrella organization, the Media Group of America, which also includes IMGE, a Republican consulting firm.

From the beginning, IJR has held a key advantage: access to a large, highly engaged Facebook audience with a keen interest in politics. Skatell, ahead of the curve years ago, started a string of Facebook pages aimed at attracting people passionate about certain subject matters. Perhaps the largest was Conservative Daily, which quickly amassed followers. It currently boasts more than 7 million followers. IJR used the page as a springboard. In its infancy — and still today — the outlet posted its content to its official Facebook page but relied heavily on Skatell’s Conservative Daily page for much of its traffic.

At a time when clickbait reigned on Facebook, IJR found great success in packaging conservative news stories with sensational headlines, then posting them to its conservative-oriented Facebook page with a large partisan audience. The strategy catapulted the website past well-established media organizations to become a top right-leaning news destination. 5 million in Media Group of America to help fuel the website’s growth. First was Johnson, who came aboard in early 2015 as its creative content director.

Michelle Jaconi joined the team a few months later from CNN, taking the role of executive editor with the aim of working alongside founding Editor-in-Chief Bubba Atkinson, to streamline operations. The young team put a unique spin on its news coverage, and by the summer of 2015, the site had made a splash in the world of viral politics partly by filming videos with several presidential candidates. Lindsey Graham, for instance, destroyed his cellphone on camera, amassing more than 2 million views. It was a startup atmosphere,” said one former employee.

At peak IJR, it was an exciting place to work. It really felt like we were building something that didn’t exist. We were experimenting and trying new things. The investment in news seemed to slowly pay off in terms of earning respect from the establishment media class. In February 2016, IJR made a sizable leap into the mainstream, hosting a GOP primary debate with ABC News. Cracks within the newsroom began to emerge.

Redneck Business Story Idea

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