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1 in three business categories on Amazon. As an employer, restricting your hiring to a small geographic region means you’re not getting the best people you can. As an employee, restricting your job search to companies within a reasonable commute means you’re not working for the best company you can. REMOTE shows both employers and employees how they can work together, remotely, from any desk, in any place, anytime, anywhere. Meet some of the fantastic people who remote Business Ideas working remotely for Basecamp such a success.

Watch Jason Fried debate the benefits of remote working with Matthew Stillman, CEO of Vooza. Hey, Marissa Mayer, You’ve Got it Wrong: Telecommuting Isn’t A Bad Thing. In February 2013, Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo! We think she made a big mistake. Everyone’s sitting around a table, ideas are building on ideas, and intellectual sparks are lighting up the room. It’s tempting to think that this kind of magic only happens when people can see and touch each other Read the rest of this chapter at Inc.

Hell might be other people, but isolation sure ain’t heaven. Even the most introverted are still part of Homeous Socialitus Erectus, which is why prisoners fear The Hole more than living with other inmates. We’re simply not designed for a life of total solitude Read the rest of this chapter at the Signal vs. Working From Home Boosts The Quality Of The Work. When you can’t see someone all day long, the only thing you have to evaluate is the work. A lot of the petty evaluation stats just melt away. Did she take too many breaks today? How To Work With Clients You’ve Never Met Face To Face.

It may be irrational but, if you’re local, the client often feels that, if worse comes to worst, they can knock on your door. Read the rest of this chapter at Inc. The True Challenge of Managing Remote Workers: People Who Work Too Hard A manager’s natural instinct is to worry that her workers aren’t getting enough work done. But the real threat is that they will wind up working too hard. These two staples of work life—meetings and managers—are actually the greatest causes of work not getting done at the office. In fact, the further away you are from both meetings and managers, the more work gets done. If I can’t see them, how do I know they’re working? Big business doesn’t do it, so why should we? REMOTE is the book that 21st century business leaders have been waiting for: a paradigm-smashing, compulsively readable case for a radically remote workplace.

Remote Business Ideas

Remote Business Ideas Expert Advice

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Remote Business Ideas

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Remote Business Ideas So…

Remote Business Ideas

Remote Business Ideas

If you’re intrigued by extreme teleworking, but have your doubts, REMOTE is the place to address them. What you’ll find in REMOTE is profound advice from guys who’ve succeeded in the virtual workforce arena. This is a manifesto for discarding stifling location- and time-based organizational habits in favor of best work practices for our brave new virtual and global world. Remote is the way I work and live. If you work in an office, you need to read this remarkable book, and change your life. In the near future, everyone will work remotely, including those sitting across from you.

You’ll need this farsighted book to prepare for this inversion. Leave your office at the office. Jettison the workplace veal chambers and banish cookie-cutter corporate culture. Fried and Hansson show how remote working sets people free—free from drudgery and free to unleash unprecedented creativity and productivity. This workday disruption is necessary if we want to use our new digital tools to full effect.

The first gift copy I buy will be for my boss! Just like we couldn’t imagine a cell phone smaller than a toaster in the 1970’s, some companies still believe that they can’t get great performance from their employees unless they show up at an office. Jason and David convincingly argue the merits of remote work, both from the perspective of manager and of worker. For the former, working remotely means more productive teams. For the latter, there is the ultimate luxury: control over one’s environment.

Remote work gives you the power to craft your own life, and this book is a roadmap to get that. The decentralization of the workplace is no longer fodder for futurists, it’s an everyday reality. REMOTE is an insight-packed playbook for thriving in the coming decade and beyond. REMOTE shows you how to remove the final barrier to doing the work you were meant to do, with the people you were meant to do it with, in the most rewarding and profitable way possible—this book is your ticket to real freedom! Basecamp apps: web, iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. More: our company, podcast, blog, books, newsletter. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot.

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Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Check out the browser extension in the Firefox Add-ons Store. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Working from home is an extremely rewarding and liberating venture. Although most people have the desire to want to work from home in some form or another, most lack the motivation, research skills, or follow-through skills necessary to make their dreams become a reality.