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Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. That said, CSR is a way for companies to benefit themselves while should I Invest In General Mills benefiting society. When I define CSR to the uninitiated, I typically get three reactions. Isn’t that a bunch of greenwashing? So what’s a CSR professional supposed to do when faced with such a varied response?

Typically, I step on top of my soapbox to declare the six business reasons why companies should embrace corporate social responsibility. I know, I know, it’s an over-used term. Just typing the word into Amazon will bring up nearly 150,000 items. But in the context of CSR, innovation is a huge benefit to a company and society. One of the easiest places for a company to start engaging in sustainability is to use it as a way to cut costs. Whether it’s using less packaging or less energy, these savings add up quickly.

In the past, brand differentiation was one of the primary reasons companies embraced CSR. Companies such as Timberland were able to find their voice and incorporate the company’s values into their business model. However, as CSR has become more commonplace, using it to differentiate your brand is getting harder to do. What’s the point of doing CSR if no one knows about it? For the past few years, Walmart has established itself as a leader on environmental efforts. Yes, you read that correctly, Walmart is a leader in environmentalism. Along similar lines, if your own employees don’t know what’s going on within your organization, you’re missing an opportunity.

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To be clear, these are the reasons why most companies should enact CSR. In truth, companies often become involved in CSR for different reasons, which I’ll write about in future posts. This isn’t to say that CSR is the panacea to the world’s problems. But it certainly does start to move the needle toward an economy that is much closer to one where I would like to conduct business.

James Epstein-Reeves is a Chicago-based expert on corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, and cause-marketing. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. This negative perception is not unique. CMO-turned professor, I work in a higher education environment that has changed over time. When I got my MBA nearly three decades ago, these blue-chip companies were the most sought after and desirable employers. However, while a number of pundits, executives, and others prognosticate doom and gloom for blue-chip firms, I want to weigh in with a different point of view.

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Below I share some reasons why the state of blue-chip companies is not quite as dire as some might contend. First, many of the individuals who attack the blue-chip companies don’t talk from a position of facts or knowledge, rarely conducting any serious research to fully understand the situation. G doesn’t know how to use data. Second, the strength of the verbal attacks often goes beyond intellectual arguments to something that seems more personal. And this matters because we all have biases. I worked at a blue-chip company and so research suggests I will be inclined to defend that experience. Third, a number of the individuals who launch attacks are trying to sell solutions to the blue-chip firms or to firms who compete with them.

As an example, a consulting firm that sells marketing measurement programs to CEOs produced research that suggested that CEOs are dissatisfied with their CMOs. What was the reason, according to the research? Because their CMOs couldn’t effectively measure marketing. Fifth, talk to any executive recruiter and ask them what the value is of having a blue-chip company name on a resume. In my research, I evaluated the job requirements for over 200 CMO roles. Given both the number of articles I’ve read and the people I’ve talked with who suggest a decline in the traditional, blue-chip companies, I wanted to share a few reasons why the doom and gloom is often overstated. I am a former General Manager and CMO who has worked in the U.

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