Should I Invest In Tesla 2015

You have successfully emailed the post. Elon Musk has lofty ambitions for Tesla over the next few years. By the end of 2017, the company aims to begin production of its more affordable Model 3. And by 2020 it plans to ramp up production to build as many as one million vehicles per year, an ambitious goal considering the company expects to produce about 80,000 to 90,000 vehicles in 2016. For any of this to be possible, though, Tesla must first complete its Gigafactory, a giant battery plant appropriately located on Electric Avenue should I Invest In Tesla 2015 Sparks, Nevada.

While the plant isn’t expected to be complete for a while, Tesla and Musk have already revealed quite a few details about the factory that are pretty mind blowing. Here’s a look at the 21 most incredible facts that have been revealed about the Gigafactory so far. The factory is located on a plot of land that is more than three times the size of Central Park. The factory is located in Storey County, Nevada on a 3,000-acre lot of land. The original site was 1,000 acres, but in June 2015 the company purchased an additional 1,864 acres of adjacent land. The purchase will enable the company to expand the size of the factory by 50 or 100 times, Musk has said. The factory itself is also huge and is getting even bigger. The factory stretches for about 6 million square feet, or the equivalent of 126 acres. To put that into perspective, the footprint of the building could fit about 100 Boeing 747 jets.

It’s so big, in fact, that it will be the world’s largest building by footprint. Construction site of Tesla’s new ‘Gigafactory’ near Reno, Nevada. While the footprint of the building is about 6 million square feet, the total planned floor space could exceed 10 million square feet. This is because some parts of the building will be broken down into several stories. The Gigafactory, when it’s complete, will have the biggest footprint of any building in the world. Once it’s complete, it will be the largest building by footprint and will only be slightly smaller in volume than Boeing’s plant in Everett, Washington. Musk and Tesla employees refer to the factory as the “alien dreadnought.

Elon Musk said during the company’s recent third quarter earnings call that he and employees refer to the giant factory as the ‘alien dreadnaught. It is built to sustain earthquakes. 16 million on the foundation alone so far. It will make Tesla’s next car much more affordable. Rail cars will transport the raw materials that will be turned into batteries.

Gigafactory, we know that recycling will be a huge part of the effort. So much so that Tesla will do things that no other battery manufacturer has ever done before, Musk said last year at the Baron investors’ conference. What we are doing at the Gigafactory is consolidating the production of the pack all the way from the raw materials,” Musk said. So there’s literally cars coming in from the mines, like rail cars of raw materials from the mines, and then out come completely finished battery packs and this has actually never been done before, for batteries at least.

Should I Invest In Tesla 2015

Should I Invest In Tesla 2015 Expert Advice

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Should I Invest In Tesla 2015

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The factory will be decked out with a state-of-the-art recycling system and will provide recycling capability for old battery packs. Tesla aims to only use renewable energy to power the factory. The factory will create all of the energy it needs. The roof of the factory will be lined with some sort of solar panel.

Additional solar panels will be placed on surrounding hilltops to capture more energy. The company will also utilize geothermal and wind power to meet energy demands. Keeping with its natural theme, wild horses can also be spotted around the manufacturing plant. A Tesla representative told Business Insider that wild horses can often be spotted roaming around the factory.

The factory will have a 1. 5 million gallon steel water storage tank on its website. It will be the largest lithium-ion battery factory in the world. Lithium-ion cell used in Tesla battery packs. Tesla is already the biggest consumer of lithium-ion on the planet, surpassing even device manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. But it will soon also become the biggest producer of lithium ion batteries. Tesla aims to build one million cars per year by the later half of this decade.

To power all of those cars, the company will produce more battery cells at its plant by 2020 than all of the lithium-ion battery makers combined created in 2013. It will cost Tesla and its partners billions. 5 billion into the factory by 2020. Cell manufacturing at the plant will be extremely fast. Musk has made no qualms about Tesla becoming the best manufacturer in the world and the Gigafactory will play a big part in helping the company get there. Our engineering team has worked very closely with Panasonic to make dramatic improvements to the cell manufacturing efficiency.

I think we’re probably approaching 3x the efficiency of the best plant in the world. Cells will be going through that thing like bullets from a machine gun. More than 6,000 employees will work at the facility. Once the factory is finished in 2020, it will house some 6,500 employees.

According to a Bloomberg report, there were about 350 employees already working there as of May. According to Tesla’s website, the company is currently hiring for some positions at the facility, including people who work in human resources and engineering technicians. But robots will also be used to perform some tasks. Robots will roam around certain areas of the Gigafactory.