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CNC retrofit until I get the time and money. CNC mill that I can have a bit fun with. My machine is manufactured in 1990. When I bought it used in 2000 was in very bad condition. What Can You Make Money Tradera Spindle bearings to both lathe and milling head was worn and there was some surface rust on the slides.

The trapezoidal nuts also seem worn. When I bought it, it was missing the original motor and chuck but I had a substitute. The machine has been basically untouched for a decade. Because deburring tool does not seems to appear in Chinese a vocabulary. I forced to change because the motor sounded very bad. Here are som pictures of the machine with the spindles disassembled.

When I was cleaning the spindle to the lathe, I noticed that a bearing seat were cracked. The three bearings of the model 32007 coming from the auto parts store since I could not find any cheap SKF bearings of that particular model. The Needle bearing in the list is the belt tensioner for the milling spindle. Even those from the auto parts store. Dismantling, cleaning and lubrication of the chuck. Here I have rooted the stand to the floor with anchor bolts. I put a 5mm rubber mat between the concrete floor and the feet of the stand. I align the frame with a level and shim with washers.

Here is the lathe spindle assembled and lubricated. I have made a provisional cap of plexiglass where the gear shaft to come up, to avoid getting chips in the lathe spindle. Now it’s time to weigh in lathe spindle housing. 16mm shaft and 2pc ER25 15-16 collets. Here is the axle mounted in the spindle axle for alignment.

The alignment of the spindle axis was better than I imagined. Protrusion from the shaft is about 200mm and the distance err is less than 0. Here I have turned the lathe shaft to fit into the shaft of the chuck. The chuck flange that sat before fit so bad that I decided to go without it.

What Can You Make Money Tradera

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What Can You Make Money Tradera

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What Can You Make Money Tradera

What Can You Make Money Tradera

Here I grind the chuck jaws. Now I check the stud in relation to the spindle. So the next step was to tear the stud apart to clean, lubricate and align. After assembly of the stud I managed to straighten it to satisfaction. Z is the axis causing most problem, so I will put some energy into it.

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Between clutch and axle for cog feed. To fix the gap in the clutch I cleaned one of the claws and greased the other. Then I put chemical metal on the clean jaw and pressed it together with the greased and let it harden. After some deburring the gap disappered.

Here I simply changed the cylindrical pin to a self-made with a thread. 5mm while the slot was approx 6mm wide. Now the clutch runs a little harsh but has practically no gap. I had to drill and tap holes for set screws so that I can set the play in the worm gear for the Z axis.

The bearing that sat was made of cast iron and was gapping several tenths of a mm. So here are some pictures where I make new in brass. The new bearings have a smaller outer diameter to be adjusted. Seems to be good but it will probably show better when I do a test milling. Now I have assembled the mill head back and align it with shims. I came within 3 hundredths of a mm when I measured with a dial. With that I am happy considering I turn the clock in a radius of about 120mm.

Here, I measure the milling head so it is aligned with the lathe axis. Here I have drilled and reamed the Oldham coupling and timeing pulleys to the right dimension. Here are some pictures of when I disassemble the two horizontal axes. Not so good looking maybe, but hopefully functional.

The nut for the 16mm ballscrew was a bit big so I had to modify it a little. The nut was hard but with Dremel I managed to cut and grind it. Now I get a working range of 200×170 to 120×170 before. After test fitting, I noted that the stepper motors is 85mm long towards the promised 80mm. Here I have begun to assemble the table.

In the pictures you can see some of the upcoming lubrication systems. When I was to mount end bearing for the ball screws, I noticed that the quality of these was poor. So it was just to take it apart and measure them. When I had measured them up, I noted that BK housings for two ball screws had a gap of at least 0. Even the Angular Contact bearings where of very poor quality with large gaps in it. But I’ve decided to run with them as long as possible. So I had to make a couple of shims between bearing cups.