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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. You don’t have permission to view this page. Please include your IP address in your what Is Necessary To Invest. Do RV snowbirds know something you don’t? If you’ve ever wondered if RV tire covers are necessary, check out what we learned about this optional accessory.

Look around any snowbird RV park and you’ll notice that many residents have RV tire covers on every wheel of their RV. And while the tire covers look nice, if you’re like me and don’t use them, you can’t help but wonder: why do so many people think RV tire covers are necessary? When I started full-time RVing I wondered about RV tire covers. We never purchased a set because my initial research revealed that the only time RV tire covers are necessary is when your rig is parked for long periods of time. Like most new full-timers, we were constantly on the move during our first couple of years on the road, so the desire to look further into RV tire covers fell by the wayside. Today we boondock much more than back then, which requires us to relocate about every 10 days in order to dump our tanks. RV tire covers takes up precious space in our little rig. But recently I was gifted a set of these really nice tire covers from ADCO Tires, a manufacturer or RV tire covers, among other vehicle protective products. Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, we decided to use the covers during a longer stay with RV hookups and here’s what I discovered when I did more inquiring to find out if RV tire covers are necessary.

I decided to try these Tyre Gards by ADCO. Do RV Tire Covers Protect Against UV-Damage? As this manufacturer explains, tire manufacturers build it right into every tire that rolls off the assembly line. Each time a vehicle is driven and a new tire rotates, a UV-protectant comes to the surface. This is why RV tire advice gurus encourage us to drive our rigs to maintain healthy, safe tires. But when an RV sits more than it actually moves and gets exposed to constant sunlight, the UV-protectant never has a chance to rise to the surface of the tire. You’ve seen how powerful sun rays can damage vehicle paint and wear down RV gel coats, so it stands to reason that the sun can also start to wear down our tires too. These RV Tyre Gards stay in place.

We use tire covers when in storage, but usually not during travel. We found the bungee cord to be a pain to put on and off. Our solution was to secure some small bag dive weights with heavy string to each side of the cover. We made the string long enough to toss bag on string partially behind the tire. Is this happening to you frequently?

Please report it on our feedback forum. Executive Summary Today’s era of superabundant capital rewards faster growth. But too many companies continue to pursue higher margins over growth. The global financial crisis prompted many companies to pull in their horns, hoard cash, trim costs, and take a wary view of large investments. Yet the same crisis ushered in a new age of capital superabundance.

Company’s Macro Trends Group carefully analyzed the global balance sheet and found that the world is awash in money. Capital superabundance, combined with tepid economic growth, has produced historically low capital costs for most large companies. For much of the 1980s and 1990s, for instance, the average cost of equity capital for large U. 1600 companies comprising the Value Line Index. The ready access to low-cost capital should change the way business leaders think about strategy, and in particular the relative value of improving profit margins versus accelerating growth. When capital costs are high, strategies that expand margins are almost always better than strategies that accelerate growth.

What Is Necessary To Invest

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What Is Necessary To Invest

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When money is expensive, a dollar today is worth a lot more than a dollar tomorrow — or even the promise of many dollars tomorrow. To elaborate, a company’s intrinsic equity value reflects the long-term cash flows that shareholders expect to receive over time, discounted at the appropriate risk-adjusted cost of equity capital. If a company’s long-term ROE is anticipated to be less than 300 bps above its cost of equity capital, then the value created by improving pre-tax margins will exceed the value created by accelerating growth. Historically, when debt and equity costs were high, for most companies the trade-off between profitability and growth favored profitability. Accordingly, business leaders sought to improve efficiency by employing Six Sigma, process reengineering, spans and layers, and other tools. But the scales have now tipped in favor of accelerating growth. But a lot can get lost in the averages.

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What Is Necessary To Invest

Every company faces a different trade-off between growth and profitability. For example, in some industries — say, construction — long-term ROEs are very close to the cost of equity capital. For these companies, taking steps to improve margins will generate higher returns for investors than those designed to boost growth. But in most other sectors, ROEs are much greater than the cost of equity capital. So if companies should value growth more than margins these days, why don’t they? In our experience, companies still focus more on cutting costs than on developing and executing new growth strategies.

D was less than the amount many companies devoted to share repurchases last year. Why is growth shortchanged at so many companies? Creativity and ingenuity have always been precious. A single great idea can put a company on top. And having a number of small good ideas can keep a company ahead of its rivals for years. But many companies struggle to come up with enough promising growth options.

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What Is Necessary To Invest

Some focus their best people on finding ways to squeeze out more profitability from existing operations, rather than creating new businesses. Others reward easy-to-measure improvements in existing processes over less-easily-quantified innovations. And then there’s culture: Many organizations implicitly or explicitly discourage risk taking, limiting their employees’ desire to put new growth ideas on the table. Companies that encourage innovation take steps to overcome these organizational obstacles. They create flux time for employees to devote to new projects. Sadly, some companies do start with a healthy pipeline of promising growth ideas, but then screen out too many of them by employing outmoded approaches to strategic investment planning. A flood of great ideas goes into the top of the funnel, but only a trickle emerges from the bottom.

In an era of low-cost capital, these traditional practices end up closing too many doors. Companies that are successful in fueling growth lower hurdle rates and relax other constraints that reflect a bygone era of scarce capital. Like Alphabet, Google’s parent, they invest in a number of experiments — say, Google Fiber or autonomous vehicles. They are quick to spot the losers and shut them down, and double down on the experiments that show promise. A lack of talent and capabilities to translate promising growth options into profitable new business. The assets that are truly scarce at most companies are the skills and capabilities required to turn great growth ideas into successful new products, services, and businesses.

Bain recently completed research on workforce productivity. This research highlights that companies that treat the time, talent, and energy of their workforce with the same discipline as they do financial capital perform far better than the rest. The most productive companies have the talent they need to generate good growth options. These companies get as much done by 10:30 AM on Thursday morning as their rivals do all week.

And they keep working, serving customers, innovating, and generating many more new ideas. Today’s era of superabundant capital rewards faster growth. To thrive in this new world, leaders must overcome the obstacles to growth in their organizations. They must reward the creativity and ingenuity required to devise new growth options. And, finally, they must build the skills and capabilities required to capitalize on their most promising experiments. Harvard Business Publishing is an affiliate of Harvard Business School.

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-4325515456. Effective 6 September 2017, withholding tax for services rendered and performed outside Malaysia is exempted. Introduction As the execution agency for the nation’s investment agenda, MIDA focuses on generating quality investments in new and emerging technologies that are necessary to become a high income nation. MIDA is also looking at ways to rebrand Malaysia’s image as a centre for high technology and global activities. 2018 Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided in this website is accurate and reliable, MIDA shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages that may result from the usage of information obtained from this Website. Light Therapy Products is an independent retailer. We are not a manufacturer and therefore are able to offer you a greater variety of different products.

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