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Please forward this error screen to 72. Aluminum Welding Training and How to Get better at Tig Welding What is the best way to get better at Aluminum welding? Tig Welding in general for that matter? If you are thinking about a Tigfinger, where Can You Make Big Money Welding the TV icon below and visit our new store at welding-tv. Don’t forget to bundle and save money.

Aluminum Welding – Tig welding Aluminum. If Yoda was a welding instructor he would have all his Jedi masters tig welding aluminum to make them strong in the force. This is starting to sound like a line of BS so I better get to the point. What I am saying is that aluminum welding will make you a better welder of all metals. With Aluminum welding, You have to feed more rodyour rod feeder hand will have to get better and faster and that will help on all metals. Arc Timepractice like I outline here and you get lots more seat time. Aluminum conducts heat rapidly so you have to get used to working the foot pedal remote amperage. You cant get lazy and just leave your amperage in one place like you can with steel.

Aluminum exaggerates everything that can go wrong with steel. You can get away with a tiny bit of contamination when you are tig welding steel. Not so with tig welding aluminumunless you like welding aluminum inside a big cloud of black soot. With just one scrap piece of aluminum sheet, you can stack bead after bead practicing spacing your ripples, keeping your bead width consistent, welding fast, slow, medium. I recommend welding a bead all around the edges first. Too little amperage and you don’t even melt the rod without it just balling up. Once you get an edge weld all around, practice just running beads and stacking them evenly.

Not just running random beads, but practice with purpose. Purposefully stack beads as straight as you can. Which ripple spacing do you like better? Sometimes its just a matter of preference. Do you like the stack of dimes look? Or do you like tightly spaced ripples better?

Where Can You Make Big Money Welding

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Where Can You Make Big Money Welding

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When you are building up a big lug on an aluminum transmission case, you need to vary the direction of beads to spread the shrinkage stresses. That can actually help prevent distortion and cracking. The time to get good at stacking beads is on a scrap piece of aluminum. Keep the torch angle to a minimum and try not to vary much. When you crap your electrode up, stop. Try different electrode prep and notice the effect on the arc. Try a blunt but sharp point, try balling the tip, try rounding the tip with a sander.

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Where Can You Make Big Money Welding

Pay attention to which one works better. If the rod balls up before you get it in the puddle, something is wrong. Either the rod is too small, or your torch angle is too much, or your arc length is too much, or a combination of all of the above. Wait until it goes away before you increase amperage and melt a puddle. This one trick really helps on dirty castings. Did you notice how many times I said “pay attention?

Good luck with your aluminum welding training welder. A lot of you have asked where you can buy a Tig Finger Heatshield Well, we have em nowready to ship Click the TV icon below to visit our new store at welding-tv. Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in. Please enter the word that you see below. Please forward this error screen to 72.

But Which one is the best? It might make the difference whether you become so-so welder, or a well paid skilled craftsman in high demand. Costs vary greatly but honestly, five years down the road the costs will be forgotten and all that will matter is what you can do. Not how many friends you made. That is what employers pay for and what they want.

So let’s focus on welding schools that teach you what you need to actually do something when you graduate. I am sure there are plenty of schools doing things right and including pipe welding in the curriculum but for this article I am only talking about the 3 main schools in the US that teach pipe welding tests. There are three main welding schools that focus on training welders to be able to pass welding certification tests as a main goal. If you cant pass the test, you don’t get the job. I went to a welding school that had a focus on teaching how to pass a pipe test. They taught pipe because That is where the money was and back then, they were not constrained by a lot of college rules.

Many local technical colleges dont have pipe anymore. They teach welders psychology but not pipe welding. Some are great programs with great instructors. Others have instructors who surf the net.

I admire any instructor at a local technical college who pours sweat into the program and really cares. If you can find an instructor who cares at a local college, that might be a great choice for you. After having some experience testing welders who graduated from a local technical college, I personally would be hesitant to select a welding school whose objective it was to make me an “entry level welder”. Some Welding Schools need to be overhauled and funded with the right materials to train for welding certification in pipe welding, thin sheet metal, as well as structural welding. I am not against local technical schools at all. Just make sure its a good one.