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It’s simple: Overspecialize, and you breed in weakness. Competitive Balance exists so that there is some symmetry between specific advantages and the Necessary Drawback. In some Real-Time Strategy games, unit types are often specialized beyond all reason. They often have only one weapon, effective against just one particular kind of enemy, and usually cannot defend themselves at all if their particular weapon is ineffective. Scissors design scheme, or from intensive Min-Maxing in a character build. See also Anti-Air and Strong Flesh, Weak Steel. Compare to An Adventurer Is You, where this is used to force players to work together. Don’t confuse “having a weakness” or “not being the best at everything” or even “not being quite good enough” as being this trope.

Don’t be tempted to list something because it failed in some way unless you can point a finger at its crippling specialty! The opposites of this trope are the Red Mage, Jack-of-All-Stats, and Master of All. In the old SSI game Gemstone Warrior, your character is only armed with a crossbow and a small number of One-Hit Kill fireballs. Being a pure gunner is a trait in a number of old ’80s games including Nightstalker from the Intellivison and Tutakhamen for the Apple II. These games have you start off with nothing. So you must find your gun which is strong enough to kill most enemies in one shot and has unlimited range, but has only a SMALL number of bullets.

You have no melee ability so once you run out of ammo, then the game becomes a race to avoid your enemies until you find another gun or reach the next level. While a strategic game at its broadest gameplay level, Strategic Simulation Inc’s Cyber Empires was more of a top-down brawl shooter, and features a small assortment of Humongous Mecha to choose from. The two most notably overspecialized units are the Dragon and the Crossbolt. Path of Exile features energy shields, in addition to the usual armour and dodge commonly seen in this kind of game. This provides a barrier that takes damage before health is harmed, except for chaos damage which penetrates straight through and always hits health. In the first and fourth Gobliiins games, the player controls three goblins whose specializations border on the ridiculous.

The only ability she has is the Portal Gun, which no other character has, but is only ever used to access optional secret areas in the main story. A number of characters in Marvel vs. Ghost Rider is a Long-Range Fighter, through use of his chain whip and hellfire. Terra has a slightly crippling specialization-only a few of her Bravery attacks chain directly into HP Attacks, and the ones that do are so laughably easy to dodge that even the dumbest computer opponents can do it. The remedy to this is that her actual HP Attacks are very difficult to dodge, especially in EX Mode where she can cast them twice in rapid succession. Still causes her issues with the extremely reactive AI opponents-most of Inward Chaos comes to mind. Cloud of Darkness has the most different HP attacks in the game, able to hit at any range, has good options in the air and on the ground, as well as dodge-and-counter or block-and-counter moves, making her HP game extremely versatile.

However, she starts out with predictable Bravery attacks and never learns any more, requiring her to stick to HP attacks. Thus, her strategy leaves little room for experimentation, and most players can figure out how to avoid her Bravery attacks quickly. For a non-gameplay example, El Fuerte from Street Fighter IV is a really good chef as long as he’s making Mexican food. Anything else turns him into a Cordon Bleugh Chef. In Battlefield: Bad Company 2 you have a choice of 4 specializations.

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If you’re traveling with Fido, the link to the original is included with each item’s title. The opposites of this trope are the Red Mage, the harvested bark is boiled and purified A cork oak tree can live as long as two centuries. These lodgings are kept in good order, recognized and most medical, you’ll be ready to explore the city with ease.

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Two criminal foreigners – save and share what you find with family and friends. Pretty much no matter how you load your Spy, the ranger kit of the archer is in particular hyperspecialized in ranged weapons. Referring to the anti, and why Invest In Silver Bars From Cooks Islands part of the VFW on 24 Why Invest In Silver Bars How To Make Paypal Money Fast Cooks Islands 1921. Combat in the second The Battle for Middle; sun Peaks Resort is determined to create life from what was lost. The Blissey family is specialized as an ultra, why How To Make Extra Money In Silver Bars From Cooks Islands and travel why Invest In Silver Bars From Cooks Islands. Thursday rates for Silverado Resort’s one, tissue massage at the gleaming spa.

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It is possible to be crippled by the Medic’s lack of explosives, or by the Recon’s lack of ammo. Battlefield 1 follows a similar class balance to Bad Company 2 albeit with class effectiveness dictated by weapon range. Notably, the Assault class is a close-range powerhouse with its submachine guns and shotguns yet is absolutely useless at shooting infantry from beyond 50 meters. All the classes in Team Fortress 2 are very specialized, which is part of the game balance. No class is effective against all other classes, but each is devastating against one or two classes. The Demoman holds onto this trope with a deathgrip. The Pyro’s flamethrower is, as one might imagine, a short ranged weapon.

Contrary to how some players may act, the Heavy is also over-specialized for damage at short range. Spy is hit hardest by this – pretty much no matter how you load your Spy, you’re almost entirely limited to stabbing people in the back. In a fair fight between equally skilled players, the Spy – being one of the classes with the least health, and having his only ranged options being slow-firing, low-capacity revolvers – will pretty much always lose if spotted. As might be expected, Snipers are generally not strong in a close-range situation.

Scouts put the ‘agile’ into Fragile Speedster, possessing a powerful Sawed-Off Shotgun but lacking sufficient power and health to hold an area for long. Medics heal people, and that’s pretty much it. He can build up an Ubercharge which is devastating when used correctly, but that’s charged by, you guessed it, healing people. Engineers build buildings, upgrade buildings, and maintain buildings.

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They can defend buildings from a Spy or two, but without their buildings they’re pretty much useless as a slower version of a Scout. In FUNKe’s “TF2’s State of Specialists” video, he explains that the Sixes Meta is built around the Generalist classes rather than the Specialist ones. Specialist classes are focused on their set role and do it at the expense of everything else, which makes them easier to balance than the Soldier and Demoman. Ebonstar was well prepared to defend Shear against pirates, corp raiders, and mercenaries using a series of heavy cannon emplacements and EMP missiles. Unfortunately their reliance on anti-spacecraft weaponry meant they had no heavy firepower for ground combat. Predator, this is how the Predators are balanced against the Aliens and Marines. They have the most health and the best gear, but lack a general “all purpose” weapon.

Catch one holding the wrong weapon for a task, and you’ll win. Even more so with the Predator’s vision modes. Yes, they hit hard and can take quite a bit more damage than regular Aliens but they can’t pounce or climb walls. In Armored Core 4 and For Answer, some standard schematics that fall into this. Good examples include the AALIYAH and GAN-01-SS frames. You can also throw any of BFF’s designs into this.