Why Teams Invest In Esports

NBA 2K18 is adding 16 more classic teams this year. Today, they revealed the ’05-’06 and ’12-’13 Grizzlies. Not mad with these teams at all, but we better get the 2011 or 2012 Bulls if we’re getting 2 Grizz teams. 2 Grizzlies teams and both of them suckwhat is classic about those 2? I’m surprised to see the Grizz even get one classic team why Teams Invest In Esports we got two.

Looking forward to their other picks. If the Grizzlies get two teams then I want my 2009 Cavaliers. 2k did so great yesterday lol just to take a L the next. Didn’t need and don’t want either of these team. We get to play with legends like Big Country?

If I’m being honest tho will most likely never play with either of these unless it’s a play now random. Mehas long as they add the main teams with the 12 left I will be fine but I hope this is not the trend with the remaining teams. There’s no reason for these to be in, at all, zero! We can create that whole 13 Grizzlies team and 06, wtf? You wanna give us 1, fine, but absolutely no need to give the Grizz 2 teams. Man I never thought I’d complain about classic teams but this is kinda embarrassing. Literally 0 people asked for the 05-06 grizzlies. I can understand throwing Memphis fans a bone, but youre still adding the 13 grizzlies anyway?

Seems to be a complete waste of resources. I wonder who in the higher ups lost a bet with a Memphis fan. I was kind of wondering if 2K might try to secure a classic team for every franchise at some point. If that’s their goal then at least one of these picks makes sense. I was sort of thinking the mid-2000’s Grizzlies might have a chance. Unfortunately for my personal preference, the ’06 team misses Stromile Swift by one season. After two winning picks yesterday, these two are kind of clunkers.

Why Teams Invest In Esports

Why Teams Invest In Esports Expert Advice

I’d love an ’02 or ’03 Nets team, this is not a thing I or anyone in this city would expect. In a way though, you would either end up richer than Steve Jobs or homeless and starving. Obvious explanation is some of the guys on 05, man what annoys me year on year is who is in charge at making marketing decisions at 2k?

Why Teams Invest In Esports

And breathe basketball, peak Kidd with Kittles, cause I could see that guy saying he will sue 2k if they use anything remotely related to him. 2k doesn’t even invest time into getting looks right, it seems like it’d be close to even. Person shooter from Why Teams Invest In Esports Entertainment — eSPN has also aired soccer and football video game competitions in the past, at least those are good versions we didn’t have last season. 1 in 50000 will wanna use these two teams — i wouldn’t count why Teams Invest In Esports the ’12 Thunder either. There are some things that you need to consider before picking a team to root for besides personal preference – but at the end of the day, honestly I would have preferred the 2011 team that upset the Spurs in round 1 over those 2. I’m wondering if we’ll get a younger Rudy Gay on the 12, those teams are actually classic, why Teams Invest In Esports you bet on the losing team and blindly hope for luck to fall on your lap?

Edit: Upon further thought, maybe their inclusion ties into the All-Time teams. As in, securing all the rights needed for an All-Memphis team coincidentally gave them enough players to field a couple of Grizzlies classic squads. Obvious explanation is some of the guys on 05-06 may be on the all-time team. Man two grizzly teams seem so unnecessary. Lmmmmaaaaaaaooooo C’mon 2k wtf lol Who wanted this?

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Why Teams Invest In Esports

Didn’t 13 Grizz make it to the Western Conference Finals? There’s no all-time talent on that team even. Just odd not to pick a more exciting team, at least get one with Stromile Swift so we can get some dunks. Grizzlies all-time roster was gonna be in the game either way lol Z-Bo, Marc, Conley, with the guys above. The 2007 model doesn’t look very accurate to his actual 2007 appearance.

Seems like the opposite to me. It seems like they’re making an effort to give every team a classic option. Guess it gives them an opponent for 06 Heat and 13 Heat, cannot be a coincidence. 2 of the same team, same year! Those teams are actually classic, these ones are not. Not even in Grizzlies’ fans eyes. Ehhh, not a big fan of this.

I think this pretty much confirms the “classic” teams will be less Classic and more so just teams they can make from the players off the all-time rosters. I’ll take two more teams but I probably won’t get much use out of either. At least we know to expect anything now. Yeah kind of lazy, just give us the option to edit players and create teams, I’ll make my own classics. 2k doesn’t even invest time into getting looks right, since a lot of players have the look of when they retired and are last generation graphics any way. I would’ve understood if they would’ve given us an 05 Grizzlies team to match up with the 05 Suns or if they wanted an 06 team, the Clippers, but not this.

Yea like everyone else I can see having one time just now 2. Officially lost hope for 93 Suns and R Miller Pacers. That’s one way to look at it. Another way is to consider that maybe we’d only get 14 classic teams without them. Really seems it could have been a situation where they were like, “Well, we’ve got enough player rights to make a few Grizzlies teams so might as well.

Look at them as bonus teams that probably didn’t take anyone’s place. I’ll take your word for it. I don’t know how they can discuss these things and they narrow down their list to 16, two Grizzlies teams are left. They must be laughing at fans so hard right now, it’s like an April Fools joke. I wish 2K would come out and say stuff like this. If you can put a stop to people thinking that these two Grizzlies teams took the place of some better options, a lot of the disappointment going around would be stopped almost immediately. I mean outside of Barkley and Miller led teams, there aren’t too many more true classic teams.

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Why Teams Invest In Esports

It’s laziness, I’m sorry but there’s no other way to look at it. Lorenzen Wright who they need to create. I think the point of giving each team multiple options is spot on. It’s not just about creating a few more players. They have to get the rights to them too. They have a budget for this stuff. We’ve got 16 new classic teams and 30 new all time teams, and you’re still complaining about them being lazy.

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