Money Saving Tips for Commuters

Daily travel costs lots of money. Taking some precautions and intelligent move would cut to this costs to a great extend. One of the complaint from middle class family members is the growing cost of daily travel that affect their family budget badly. Here are some practical tips to save money on your daily travel.

1. Public Transport – Take the public transport method for up and down daily travels. This would be highly efficient if the office timings are in peak hour. Such options would avoid the requirements of taking your vehicles everyday and stay in the traffic for long time. Getting monthly pass for public transport would add spice to your money saving idea.

2. Your Behavior in Traffic – Generally drivers are reluctant to off the vehicle if they are in the traffic. Just behave opposite to that. If you are in the traffic or signal, it is best to switch off the engine. This would be helpful to save lots of money at the end of each year.

3. Health Walk and Cycling – Using cycles are the growing tend in the East Asian countries where the car production is more. This would be helpful to tackle traffic, maintain good health through regular exercise and of course, helpful to save lots of money on fuels. It is advisable to people, especially young people to take the route of cycles to office and back everyday. Heart patients pardon.

4. Car pooling – Car pooling is an excellent methods to save money and time. If you have colleagues in your area car pooling is an excellent option for daily travel in comparatively less cost. One of the major advantage is, everyone being the part of carpooling can be benefited from less fuel costs.

5. Prefer vehicles with high fuel efficiency – When selecting your car or other vehicles that uses daily, always pick a vehicle using your brain than heart. High fuel efficient vehicles would cost little more but helpful to save money when uses long time. Prefer to have such vehicles.

6. Option over vehicles – If you still don’t want to use any of the above points, this would help you. Prefer to have two wheeler than 4 wheeler to commute daily. 2 wheelers have more mileage and less maintenance cost compare with 4 wheelers. This point is especially best for youth and students.

7. Maintain your vehicle efficiently – Proper vehicle maintenance plays major role to save money in fuel. Create a check list of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half and yearly maintenance of your vehicle/s and stick on that. Get the help from car company or trusted mechanic to prepare the list. They can better advice you on the requirements to met.

8. Know your routes and sub-routes – It is a good idea for daily drivers to understand the area well than just the route from home to office and back. Having good knowledge on the short cuts would help to save lots of time and money as well as fuel costs.

9. Maintain vehicle speed always – Always drive the vehicle in a speed that ensures high gas efficiency. Be a steady and slow driver. Aggressive driving and each action while such driving like speeding, sudden acceleration, breaking all could lower the gas mileage and decrease the engine functionality to a great extend.

10. More over all, have a right mindset to achieve your goal. such goal should be achieve through practice and that should not hurt your comfort, facilities or make any further burdens. Be a good citizen, good employee and good family member always.

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